The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast

EP18: Part 1- Dividend Investing with Bob Lai

February 08, 2023 Kanwal Sarai Season 2 Episode 18
The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast
EP18: Part 1- Dividend Investing with Bob Lai
Show Notes

In this episode I interview Bob Lai, the founder of We discuss dividend investing in today's economic climate. Also covered in this episode:

- When and why, Bob started dividend investing
- How did Bob build a portfolio which generates $3.6K a month in dividends, while living in Vancouver with a single income family and 2 kids
- The importance of re-investing dividends
- Is Bob still on track to gain financial independence by 2025?
- The key is to spend less than you earn
- There’s a limit to how much you can cut your expenses but no limit to how much you can earn
- Does dividend income give you freedom?
- You don’t have to be super rich to invest like this
- Reader B, a fellow Canadian is now earning $30k/month ($360,000/yr) in dividends
- Did Reader B invest millions of dollars to build this type of portfolio?
- Outside of your TFSA/RRSP/401K/IRA how much can you earn in eligible dividends and not incur any income tax?
- Bob, how do you select dividend stocks?

The story of Reader B, earning over $360,000 annually in dividends:

Learn more at:

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