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DLW: The First Shred

June 14, 2019
Madness Heart Radio
DLW: The First Shred
Madness Heart Radio
DLW: The First Shred
Jun 14, 2019
John Baltisberger & Guests
An interview with author DLW on her Shredded series of novellas.
Show Notes

DLW writes fast-paced dark fiction. She has an undergraduate background in creative writing and screen studies. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree. The Second Shred, the second installment of the Shredded novella series. She is currently completing the Shredded series and creating content for her bite-sized blog to unwind her mind. 

Our Discussion
This one was a doozy my friends! DLW and I spoke about the very nature of horror, different writing styles and of course her foray into publishing with Madness Heart Press with the Shredded series. What makes horror scary? Why is Australia so terrifying? All great questions, and as promised, use the code DIMLIGHTWRITES on our online store, to get a copy of The First Shred half price with all proceeds going to DLW herself!

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