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Lyn Stahl: Independent Business Mastermind

July 26, 2019
Madness Heart Radio
Lyn Stahl: Independent Business Mastermind
Madness Heart Radio
Lyn Stahl: Independent Business Mastermind
Jul 26, 2019
John Baltisberger & Lyn Stahl
Lyn and I talk about being in business to yourself, and how to keep one's head above water.
Show Notes

It all started in 1997, when Lyn was introduced to miniatures thanks to a friend named Mark.  Mark used to play D&D in high school and noticed that Lyn had an interest in fantasy characters and stories.  Upon this discovery, he figured he would show her his collection of Dungeons and Dragons books and miniatures. Mark was kind enough to show her how to paint the miniatures, and right away she was hooked. From then on, miniature painting became part of her life. 

There were a few times in life that miniature painting became a saving grace when life threw her challenges. One of those times, she decided that she wanted to share the hobby with others and be one of the leaders of growing the hobby community. One of the ways that she accomplishes this, is by teaching classes at conventions and local game stores as well as sharing ideas and teachings via online (I.E.- social media, magazine articles, and YouTube channel) and in person when she is at conventions and gaming events. 

Our Discussion
This episode, due to some issues, is comprised of three separate conversations from three separate days. The audio quality is somewhat spotty, but this conversation is so important that I wanted to make sure that it was available to my listeners.

Lyn did me a huge favor by coming on specifically to talk about being in business for yourself. As an independent creator and as creatives we always struggle with the business side of things. From promotion, to kickstarter, to expenses to social interaction.

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