Tribal Fires - Dumbartung
Wall of Shame - Nations go to war
Wall of Shame - Nations go to war 56:43 Vengeance 1:05:53 A Cultural Crime Against Kyana (Part 2) 55:06 A Cultural crime against Kyana 1:04:26 Irish Connection 1:01:57 Mumma Africa 1:01:07 Little Red Dots 52:25 On The Edge 38:44 Hamburgers For Masterpieces 1:03:38 On Sacred Ground - From Noonkanbah to Juukan Gorge 1:12:05 Trans Racial Identity Change, Cultural Appropriation 1:18:48 Meeting with the Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs in Brazil whilst attending and presenting at an International Child Care and Infant Mortality Conference in Brazil - 1988 42:15 A Death Threat in the East Perth Lockup 35:29 Dumbartung meets with the great Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash 38:19 Marlo Morgan campaign the “Mutant Message Affair” 1:48:15 The Kyana Aboriginal Gatherings Perth WA 1991 to 1993 1:10:32