For Dragonflies And Me

Organization 101 Day 6: Zone Cleaning~ Let's do this!

January 15, 2023 Jean Smith Season 1 Episode 8
For Dragonflies And Me
Organization 101 Day 6: Zone Cleaning~ Let's do this!
Show Notes

Today’s podcast will be the 6th of 10 in my Organization 101 Series. The topic will focus on Zonal Cleaning. 

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”— Eleanor Roosevelt

 Many of the topics I discuss in this series I learned from an incredible lady named Marla Cilley, A.K.A. The Flylady. Her book, "Sink Relections" taught me how to incorporate all this lessons. It was from the inspirations from her book how I developed my P.M.S. concept! So now lets get into today's topic!

Organization has always been a major part of my personality. I remember growing up always wanting my things orderly. I would purchase little containers to put my make-up and hair accessories in. Even my photo albums were thoughtfully organized by date and events. Later in life I started scrapbooking which allowed me to organize my photos even more! There is a genuine sense of peace and satisfaction when everything has its place and everything is in its place. 

Which leads me into the next post in my Organization 101 Series. In my last article I explained The Walk Through and how you'll incorporate it into Zonal Cleaning. I thought this one would come across more effectively in a Podcast, so here we go.

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The cold days of winter have definitely arrived here in the Midwest. I generally do a spring and fall cleaning, but every January I get into my purge mode. This is when I like to gut my closets and all the spots where I tend to hide items I think I’ll eventually use. I truly try to stick to the, “If I haven’t used it in six to twelve months, the likelihood of me using it is slim to none… so I pitch it!” Believe me… it’s not as easy as I make it sound, and sometimes I argue with myself and justify a reason to keep it LOL… but most of the time I rise above myself and pitch it!  

Afterwards, it’s such a good feeling to see things reorganized and some of my clutter removed.

Today we are going to touch on the next item in my Organization 101 Series, Zonal Cleaning.