That Oneness Guy

An Interview with 'America's Holistic Sweetheart' Dr. Ren

April 17, 2021 Lauren Laurino 'Dr. Ren' Season 4 Episode 30
That Oneness Guy
An Interview with 'America's Holistic Sweetheart' Dr. Ren
Show Notes

'That Oneness Guy' continues his Season 4 trend of featuring highly motivated individuals whose main objective is to give back to society and serve humanity.

In this episode, the spotlight is on a personal friend, Lauren Laurino.
 Here are some bullet points from her extensive resume.

Laurén Laurino is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and award-winning Holistic Health Advocate who is lovingly known as 'Dr. Ren, America's Holistic Sweetheart'.

-2x Amazon Best Selling Author

-Founded 1st Holistic Chamber of Commerce in NJ

-Awarded CA State Senate Award by Senator Joel Anderson for Holistic Health Advocacy

-Invited to White House by President Obama during his Precision Medical Initiative to advocate for our rights to food label transparency on a roundtable with the FDA

-Hosted IMDb listed public access show on Holistic Lifestyle Approaches for 4 years called Think Healthy with Dr. Ren

-Appeared on Dr. Oz 4x and has worked personally next to many celebrities in the health field including Deepak Chopra

-Currently a monthly guest on News Channel GCTV6's Morning on the Mountain show in TN to talk about Holistic Health Tips 

-Awarded the American Medical Associations Higher Achievement award in 2014 and most recently 2020 for Holistic Health Advocacy

-And to top that incredibly impressive list, she has an amazing 4yr old son :-D

You will LOVE all that this podcast has to offer as Dr. Ren leads us through all that is 'Holistic Living'! Be sure to follow Dr. Ren at:
FACEBOOK:  @drrenfanpage
TWITTER:  @LaurenLaurino