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'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 3 'Death')

August 17, 2021 That Oneness Guy / Danny Rongo Season 4 Episode 35
That Oneness Guy
'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 3 'Death')
Show Notes

OK, If you’ve been following these podcasts, you know that I like to break up the interviews by narrating the chapters of my latest book, and Oneness guide, ‘The WAYZ of Oneness’ Helping to Navigate Life that is available in a Kindle version on Amazon. 

So, I started with podcast episode #29, where I read, the ‘Forward’, the ‘Introduction’ and Chapter 1 called ‘Crisis’, and I continued with podcast episode #32 which was Chapter 2 ‘Hatred’. This leads me to right here and now and podcast episode #35.

 Today, I will be reading, Chapter 3, officially titled:

‘Death’ “Fork in road ahead. Choose wisely!”
(Navigating through Death and Transitioning)

Here is an excerpt:

"So, I started to wonder at an early age if there were WAYZ for us all to experience what our ‘transition’ would be like? Maybe if there were some way to experience the transition, without actually taking our last breath of course!

So, here’s what I wondered. We know that we are spirit and that our transition will take us directly back to that state of being. So, is there anything we do while in this physical time-space reality that kind of resembles returning to a spiritual state? Hmm….

Come on, let me hear you say it. YES! WE GO TO SLEEP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!

Even the most non-spiritual and non-Oneness-believers out there will attest to a portion of each day where we allow our bodies to fall into a dream-like (aka spiritual) state! Well, what exactly happens during that time? WE DREAM! And what does that represent? What is that telling us? It gives us an actual 'experience' or a glimpse of the spirits that we are! We get the chance to revisit our spiritual side every night! In our dreams, we get the chance to experience what it is like to be in our spirit form. We get to visit and speak with loved ones. Sometimes we even get to fly or to execute tasks that are impossible in the physical world. "

 So, sit back. Pour yourself the beverage of your choice, and let me read to you!

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