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'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 4 'Your Voice')

August 26, 2021 'That Oneness Guy' / danny rongo Season 4 Episode 36
That Oneness Guy
'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 4 'Your Voice')
Show Notes

In this episode, I continue narrating the chapters of my latest Oneness guide: "The WAYZ of Oneness" Helping to Navigate Life (Amazon Kindle). This is chapter 4, and is officially titled:

YOUR VOICE "Your Destination and Purpose lie ahead"
(Navigating to find Your Voice and Purpose)

Here is an excerpt:

"When considering how and if we've 'found our voice' or our purpose in life, I feel it's important to recognize if our foundation or the thoughts, beliefs, and values that we grew up with are truly our own. Because how can we honestly pursue anything in life if it doesn't resonate with our inner being and our source? It's like taking college courses to be a lawyer when every ounce of our gut yearns to be a doctor. To find our voice/purpose we need total alignment with what our energies and Oneness have in store for us. With that said, I feel the need to address what might be at the core of who you are."

So, Oneness asks you: 

“Are your beliefs your own? Or what you were taught?”

I loved reading this chapter again, as it reminded me of the importance of these questions when considering finding our true voice and purpose in life.

GIVE IT A LISTEN. It can change your life!

'That Oneness Guy'