That Oneness Guy

An Interview with 'Oneness Coach' Lisa

September 11, 2021 That Oneness Guy / Oneness Coach Lisa Season 4 Episode 37
That Oneness Guy
An Interview with 'Oneness Coach' Lisa
Show Notes

If you’ve been following along here in Season #4 you know that I’ve had some really cool, engaging, and inspiring chats with my guests. These humanitarians all share their passion and insight as; social media influencers, radio hosts, holistic advocates, charitable organizations, and fellow spiritual authors. 

These individuals are taking measures to help society, to help me, to help you, to help our world in general, and to add awareness to the constant rise in ONENESS that we’re all getting to witness. They accomplish this through their words, their message, and their actions. And my guest for this latest episode falls perfectly into those categories.

Let me tell you about ‘Oneness Coach’ Lisa. This is taken directly from her website:

“I look forward to helping each person in a complete way find the same balance and joy in life… this goal is truly at the center of who I am.  

I am passionate about what I do and I am passionate about helping you find your inner bliss, your freedom, your best life in the here and now so that you can enjoy all the adventures that life has to offer you.  Seeing my clients happy and reaching their goals, finding their true passions and making steps forward to create the future that is right for them always brings a smile to my face. We are all given the gifts from birth, we are all made to do big things. This may mean that you will be challenging yourself to step up and step into the life you know you deserve, the life that is waiting for you.  Live your best life NOW. Feel better from the inside out. 

Whether this means helping you with Life Coaching, unblocking yourself from personal blocks and adjusting your mindset to attain the goals you have set for yourself..  or Energy Healing and moving on to a far greater and deeper inner peace and understanding .. or personal training to motivate you and push you harder than you push yourself.. or even better … a combination of these services to custom tailor to your exact needs right here.. right now. Lets get the whole you in alignment so You can be, do and have everything this life has to offer that you desire.  The outcomes are waiting, all you have to do is be willing to do the work, the inner work on you and then watch as life unfolds. It’s time to live YOUR best life.

Let’s do this together”.

 She is a certified, Chios Master Teacher, Life Coach and Personal Trainer who specializes in helping and healing our Mind, Body and Spirit, all in the name of Oneness!

You're gonna love this podcast!