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An Interview with Radical Remission Certified Instructor John Henry

October 08, 2021 danny rongo / John Henry Season 4 Episode 38
That Oneness Guy
An Interview with Radical Remission Certified Instructor John Henry
Show Notes

If you’ve been following along here in Season #4 you know that I’ve had some really cool, engaging, and inspiring chats with my guests. These humanitarians all share their passion and insight as; social media influencers, radio hosts, holistic advocates, charitable organizations, and fellow spiritual authors. 

These individuals are taking measures to help society, to help me, to help you, to help our world in general, and to add awareness to the constant rise in ONENESS that we’re all getting to witness. They accomplish this through their words, their message, and their actions. And my guest for this latest episode falls perfectly into those categories.

 John Henry is a Radical Remission Certified Instructor, a lifelong educator, and currently develops and leads training programs in his role as a STEAM & Sustainable Schools Specialist at the New Jersey School Boards Association. After John learned he had hairy cell leukemia in 2014, he applied the Radical Remission factors and was able to stabilize his condition. He is currently collaborating with HealTHY Life NJ, an organization whose mission is to support, educate, and raise funds for late-stage cancer patients seeking integrative and complementary treatments.  He is also compassionately helping others (yours truly included) who have been recently diagnosed with cancer so they know and understand complementary options exist to guide them through their healing journey.  

That’s the business side of John. Now for the personal side. John has been a friend of my family, specifically my brother Frankie, with who he graduated High School for about 50 years. I’ve always known John as a ‘bad-ass athlete’, one of the best looking guys I’ve ever known, and most importantly, that guy who will do ANYTHING for you, and at the drop of a dime!

And that is why he’s here as my guest tonight. For those not aware, I was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. And when my brother Frankie heard my news, the first thing he said was; “I’m getting you in touch with John Henry”. John contacted me immediately, and from our very first chat, I was hugely inspired. From his insight as a cancer survivor coupled with a level of compassion that is unrivaled, I was ‘sold’ as they say to have John be a point person on my team as I start my journey of healing. And before I introduce him, just let me say that my chosen method to combat this, is to follow the plan put in place by the homeopathic practitioner my wife and I have been under the care of for 20 years. To also ramp up my meditations. To continue my holistic and spiritual way of life, and to include a radical diet change. This is all opposed to the advice from the medical community that included, radiation, chemotherapy, and a feeding tube. And I want to follow that statement up with a disclaimer, that I do not condemn that medical advice. It just does not serve my higher self and purpose.

If you or someone you know has cancer and is considering any of the many alternative methods to heal, YOU MUST WATCH AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!

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