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'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 9 "Fear")

November 16, 2021 danny rongo ''That Oneness Guy" Season 4 Episode 39
That Oneness Guy
'The WAYZ of Oneness' - Audio Chapters (Chap 9 "Fear")
Show Notes

OK, If you’ve been following these podcasts, you know that I like to break up the interviews by narrating the chapters of my latest book, and Oneness guide, ‘The WAYZ of Oneness’ Helping to Navigate Life that is available in a Kindle version on Amazon. 

 So, back in episode #36, I narrated Chapter 4 “Your Voice”, which is about navigating to find our own true voice and purpose in life. Today, I will be reading, Chapter 9, officially titled:

‘FEAR’ “Oh NO! Take this exit. I see FEAR AHEAD!”  (How to Navigate through Fear)

 I purposely chose to jump ahead from Chapter 4 to Chapter 9 for a very specific reason. Because of my recent cancer diagnosis, I specifically wanted to narrate the chapter regarding Fear. I know that fear affects so many of us in a multitude of ways. It has affected me my entire life, and I fully believe that it was my inability to control my own fears that allowed my cancer to manifest. 

When I narrate this chapter, what you’ll hear are not just some of the problems that fear adds to our already hectic lives, but the solutions on how we can control fear and actually stop it before potential problems arise. 

I know it will help me immensely by reading these words again, and I’m quite sure it will help you as well. So, sit back and enjoy.

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