That Oneness Guy

An Interview with Spiritual Author Ellen K. Feldman

December 21, 2021 danny rongo ''That Oneness Guy" / Ellen K. Feldman Season 4 Episode 40
That Oneness Guy
An Interview with Spiritual Author Ellen K. Feldman
Show Notes

If you’ve been following along here in Season #4 you know that I’ve had some really cool, engaging, and inspiring chats with my guests. These humanitarians all share their passion and insight as; social media influencers, radio hosts, holistic advocates, charitable organizations, and fellow spiritual authors. 

These individuals are taking measures to help society, to help me, to help you, to help our world in general, and to add awareness to the constant rise in ONENESS that we’re all getting to witness and experience. They accomplish this through their words, their message, and their actions. And my guest for this latest episode falls perfectly into those categories.

Let me tell you about Ellen K. Feldman

She is an author, psychotherapist, lawyer, and mother, who has, like you, experienced the pain of loss and the confusion that accompanies painful life experiences. She has learned that our painful experiences can act as a springboard to growth. She is, first and foremost, committed to helping others see light through the darkness in their lives, and helping them transform their pain into living a life full of joy, connection, purpose, and abundance. Her new book: “A Path of Oneness” was written with Ellen’s mission in mind: she wrote this book for you—yes, YOU—to arm you with a new perspective and tools to help you to transform your life for the better.

I have read this book, and let me say that, as an author, podcaster, and messenger of Oneness myself, I cannot say that I have ever read a more heartfelt and inspiring message of Oneness in my life!

She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family. So, for my final episode in 2021 which will conclude Season 4. My friends in Oneness, please say hello to Ellen K. Feldman.