Impact 10x

Ep-10 with Alina Klarner, Head of Ventures at Impact Shakers 🇬🇧

January 27, 2023 Svenia Busson Season 1 Episode 10
Impact 10x
Ep-10 with Alina Klarner, Head of Ventures at Impact Shakers 🇬🇧
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Mentioned companies and programmes:
Vested Impact, UK

Vested Impact provides automated impact metrics for global capital - using its platform, Vested assesses, quantifies and monitors the (positive or negative) impact of companies’ products and services on helping solve the world's greatest challenges. Through helping companies understand & measure their impact, the London based start-up aims to direct $25tr of assets towards positive impact and founder & CEO Kim Abbott’s big vision is to “redefine millionaire as someone who impacts a million lives”

The Joy Club, UK

The Joy Club is an online activities club and community for retirees who'd like to meet new people and try new things. Having experienced transformational growth at Elvie, one of the UK’s most successful FemTech start-ups, founder Hannah Thomson was inspired by her grandma re-discovering her joy of life during the second half of her life - and wants to bring the same experience to millions of people over 60.

Vyld, DE

Vyld is developing radically sustainable, ocean-friendly and healthy period products from seaweed. By rethinking production of this essential consumer good in a regenerative way, Vyld wants to empower menstruators, reduce waste and CO² and improve ocean health. And as one of the first steward ownership companies in Germany, founders Ines Schiller and Melanie Schichan have locked their mission into their business!

Sensegrass, FR

Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform for fertilizer management. The platform uses a combination of AI-based recommendations and soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. Whilst optimising fertiliser use is the initial objective, founders Lalit Gautam and Rahul Gundala aim to grow Sensegrass into a farm operating system, enabling sustainable agriculture on a large scale.  

Sila Health, NL

Sila Health helps people connect to and pay for healthcare across Africa. Whilst based in Amsterdam, Babusi Nyoni and Phillen Maqhuzu both belong to the African diaspora and are on a mission to make basic healthcare accessible to millions of people in emerging economies. 

Compocity, HU 

Compocity provides a gamified sustainability service for companies who would like to transform their food waste into soil food. The Hungarian based start-up led by CEO Emese Pancsa aims to “turn waste into value” by collecting food waste in offices and turning it into organic fertiliser. The fertiliser in turn can be used for local production - creating a circular approach to food & food waste everyone can participate in.

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