Just Nature?

The power of money and finance in conservation

November 28, 2022 Carola Rackete
Just Nature?
The power of money and finance in conservation
Show Notes

Money is one way big conservation NGOs hold power over local communities but also at international level the financialisation of nature conservation is being pushed by big NGOs. Frederic Hache from the Green Finance observatory will help us understand how offsetting works within conservation and why he opposes frameworks that use financial mechanisms instead of environmental regulations. 

Our second guest is Amalia Souza who is the executive director of the Brazilian based fund CASA that aims to make money available to local communities across Latin America. She will tell us how the funding approach and strategy of CASA differs from conventional top-down philanthropy. 

Frederic Hache

Green Finance Observatory



Maria Amália Souza 

founder and executive director of CASA Socio-Environmental Fund, based in Brazil 



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