Adoptees Crossing Lines

An Open Letter to the People who Bought Me

February 09, 2023 Dr. Noelle, Tosha, Lia Season 1 Episode 7
Adoptees Crossing Lines
An Open Letter to the People who Bought Me
Show Notes
An open letter to the people who bought me

Yesterday I decided to text my adoptive parents that they failed me as parents, it was the first time I ever confronted them. I talk about how they responded in this episode and open up about being sexually assaulted as a child…then gaslighted. This was never my burden to carry, but they always blamed me. They used religion as a guise to avoid responsibility. Instead of risking the possibility of ruining their image, they chose to definitely ruin my life. 

This episode is an open letter to my adoptive parents, the people who bought me. 

“Shame dies when we tell our story”

What we discussed 

(00:00) What happened yesterday OR What I texted my adoptive parents OR Telling my adoptive parents they failed me

(01:52) No one believed I was sexually assaulted OR Being sexually assaulted was MY fault???! 

(06:45) They were EDUCATORS 

(08:06) Should child protective services be abolished? OR Abolishing child protective services? OR Why I’m an abolitionist 

(09:42) Olivia Atkocaitis’ story 

(11:02) How the police failed me before I was born OR The police system is not broken. 

(14:22) My parents were cowards OR I’m relieved he died 

(17:38) Standing up to my parents for the first time 

(20:15) How they responded

(25:36) Why I sent the text

(28:39) Own your story 


Olivia Atkocaitis’ Story on NBC 

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