Adoptees Crossing Lines

Adoptees & Identity

February 24, 2023 Dr. Noelle, Tosha, Lia Season 1 Episode 8
Adoptees Crossing Lines
Adoptees & Identity
Show Notes
Adoptees & Identity 

For all our lives, our identities as adoptees have been stripped away from us. Our names changed, our blackness erased, and our birth certificates stolen. This episode we break down the ugly reality of having a fluid identity. 

Adoption is about stripping us of our decision-making autonomy, so this episode is a call for us to reclaim our identity in a way that we decide makes sense. 

What we discussed 

(00:00) What is identity, to us? 

(02:30) How our identity changed when we found out we’re adopted OR Finding out we’re adopted and our identity OR Discovering you’re adopted

(11:09) Am I black? White? Latino? (erasing blackness) 

(13:37) Am I an only child? Oldest child? Middle child?

(17:07) Choosing an identity vs. how other people identify us 

(22:51) Doing a DNA test as an adoptee 

(28:46) “my adoptive mom's dad assaulted me” OR CW: Sexual assault and gaslighting 

(35:16) Changing names as adoptees (& internalizing anti-blackness)

(39:23) Not owning a birth certificate

(42:59) “I have no clue who I am”


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