Adoptees Crossing Lines

Adoptees as Parents

March 10, 2023 Dr. Noelle, Tosha, Lia Season 1 Episode 9
Adoptees Crossing Lines
Adoptees as Parents
Show Notes
Adoptees as parents

Parenting as an adoptee 

What’s it like when you’re adopted and then become a parent? We discuss the unexpected joys and reliefs of parenting, the mistakes we were almost programmed to make, how parenting can heal us, how to tell your children you’re adopted, and being careful about not placing a burden on our children that they aren’t equipped to carry. 

PS: If it isn’t clear yet, we would never put our children up for adoption. 

What we discussed 

(00:00) How being an adoptee affects the way you parent OR Adoptee parenting patterns

(05:46) Being a helicopter mom

(07:16) “No way I was putting my child up for adoption”

(08:47) Late discovery adoptees 

(11:29) Telling your kids you’re adopted 

(16:34) Are adoptees better parents?

(20:51) Disadvantages of being an adopted parent OR Biggest regret as an adopted parent

(25:57) Parenting and healing 

(31:15) Greatest joy of parenting 

(33:55) Advice for adoptive parents

(35:31) Legacy 


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