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5 Hidden Red Flags That Scare Away Your Best Candidates

June 13, 2022 Brian Montes
Entrepreneur to Employer
5 Hidden Red Flags That Scare Away Your Best Candidates
Show Notes

Think back to your last job posting. Was the candidate pool a lot more shallow than you expected? There may be some elements out of your control here but there comes a time when you need to sit back and look at the factors you CAN control. This week’s episode of the Scaleocity Works podcast is about the 5 hidden red flags that scare away your best candidates!

Brian shares the simple things you can tweak in your job postings to increase your pool of aligned and eligible candidates to benefit both your potential employees as well as you as the employer.

Here are the 5 red flags that might be scaring away qualified candidates:

  • The unclear or ambiguous salary range that hinders both the employee AND employer when not fair and clearly defined.
  • The misaligned job qualifications are unreasonable and unnecessary for the actual tasks that the role is responsible for.
  • The misaligned job titles are unrealistic to what the job truly entails.
  • The red flags and buzzwords in your posting that show disorganized or unfavorable company culture.
  • The unclear job duties and expectations do not give your candidate a clear vision of the day-to-day and therefore, an unclear pathway to success.

Take a look at your job postings and ask yourself if you’re unintentionally weeding out the wrong type of candidates.

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