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Nordic Roots and Rune Magic with Völva Stav Kari Tauring

January 05, 2020 Kari Tauring Season 4 Episode 1
Barbarian Noetics Podcast
Nordic Roots and Rune Magic with Völva Stav Kari Tauring
Show Notes

Hei kaunis maailma! (That's Finnish for "Hello beautiful world!")

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2020: the year of clarity and perfect vision. "Hindsight is 2020." May we all realize our dreams and accomplish our goals this year with copacetic efficacy, for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Gaia needs each one of us to show up with the real real and utilize our unique gifts to midwife in the new planetary era of collaboration over competition, cooperation over domination. It's time, let's make it happen!

This episode, the first of the New Year, it's my honor and privilege to introduce you all to the incomparable Kari Tauring. Kari is a Nordic folk musician, Runic scholar (yay!), cultural educator, and spiritual leader living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kari is a völva, or "staff carrying woman" in the Old Norse language. The völva carries the staff of history and culture for her people, and Kari does this with rare grace and brilliance.

Völva Stav, which literally means “Staff Carrying Woman’s Staff," is Kari's very own "unique system of sacred body geometry, alignment with Norse cosmology, toning, runes, and rhythms used for healing inherited family and cultural dysfunctions. It honors family and ancestors in a Nordic way and creates pathways for physical, metaphysical, and cultural change."

Kari is so generous to have come on Barbarian Noetics and educate us about Nordic culture and history, the symbology and significance of the Runic alphabet (Elder Futhark), and the deep meaning of embracing one's own öorlog, meaning "primal law," and the "summation of an individual human inheritance (physical, spiritual, ancestral, environmental and cultural)." Kari speaks about her Nordic roots, but her message of honoring one's ancestral inheritance is universal, and so important for each of us to remember and draw strength from during this time of changes on Mother Earth.

Check out Kari's website here, and consider supporting her work by ordering an autographed copy of her book: Runes, A Deeper Journey. It was such a blessing and joy to speak with and learn from Kari, and I hope you glean as much from this conversation as I did.

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