Barbarian Noetics Podcast: Go Fungal not viral™

Ricardo Vaz on Venezuela's Popular Resistance to U.S. Sanctions and Imperial Aggression

July 05, 2020 Ricardo Vaz of Season 5 Episode 11
Barbarian Noetics Podcast: Go Fungal not viral™
Ricardo Vaz on Venezuela's Popular Resistance to U.S. Sanctions and Imperial Aggression
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Show Notes

What's up to my mellifluous collectivists and marvelously barbarous Bolivarians! 

I'm quite stoked this episode to introduce you all to esteemed writer, editor and political analyst at, Ricardo Vaz. Ricardo's articles have appeared on Mint Press News, Monthly Review, Truthout, Counterpunch, and many other alternative media sites.

Ricardo joins us all the way from the northernmost range of the Andes to talk South American geopolitics, regional Populism and the Venezuelan grassroots resistance to American imperial aggression. is an independent pro-Bolivarian news outlet, and an invaluable source of popular, on-the-ground information about the current state of affairs in Venezuela. The site's main objective is "to provide a counter-narrative to mainstream media coverage of the Bolivarian Revolution, based on the perspective of leftist and grassroots movements in Venezuela. We aim to cover daily news about Venezuela, as well as to contextualize these developments with in-depth analysis and background information."

The GoFundMe that Ricardo mentions at the end of the episode can be found here:

100% of your donation goes directly to helping the Venezuelan people feed themselves amidst sanctions and the embargo. Specifically the donations go to:

***Seeds for grassroots efforts linking small-scale farmers in the countryside to low-income urban communities (100 pounds of seeds are needed—that will grow a lot of food!) Recipient group: Plan Pueblo a Pueblo

***Establishment of a community seed bank and seed multiplication center in the Plains region, supporting both rural and urban farming initiatives. Recipient group: El Conuquito del Barranco

***Livestock production to provide organic fertilizer and diversify diets for Andean farming communities. Recipient group: Vertientes de Agua Viva Cooperative

***Tools to support Indigenous youth farming projects. Recipient group: student group of the National Indigenous University

***Other efforts as possible, if the

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