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End of an Era for MSPs? Rich Freeman Weighs In
End of an Era for MSPs? Rich Freeman Weighs In 36:01 Making MSP Contract Management Simple and Effective 41:12 From Tech Geek to Business Owner: The MSP Evolution 50:13 Channeling Success: Strategies for Effective Channel Sales 37:22 Mastering Sales: Building Trust and Navigating Objections 39:46 Future-Proofing MSPs: Exploring Cloud Services and SaaS Auditing 40:34 The Art of Letting Go Without Losing Control 36:52 Transform Your MSP: Unleash Profit & Enjoy Life by Niching Down 32:32 Leveraging AI for MSP Growth 43:13 Hiring tech talent: A guide to effective hiring 31:24 The Need to Niche: How Focus Drives Success 34:59 How to love printing again 41:26 How to Avoid Selling Your MSP for Only $14,000 31:58 Uncover your network weaknesses before hackers do 30:03 Build your business around a user obsession (and other sage advice) 32:23 Your cybersecurity has holes, know where they are? With Guest Steve "Mac" McKeon 32:19 The one thing you are guaranteed to regret not doing and how to fix it with Guest Damien Stevens 33:48 Been There Done That: Mindset and the MSP 28:55 From the Ground Up: The Keys to a Sustainable MSP with Guest Layne Frank 25:39 Smarter Marketing & Networking for MSPs: Building Bridges 14:18 Finding the Right Fit: Assessing Capabilities and Values When Hiring 19:29 Change Your Perspective: Rethinking Responsibilities In Your MSP 14:45 Onboarding: Crucial Steps for Client Success 14:09 The Agonizing, Agnostic MSP: Stop Generalizing, Start Focusing 16:41 Better Than A QBR: Rethinking Your Strategic Business Review 17:48