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Our Cultures & Our World

Mei Yang

Welcome to my podcast! I am the host of this podcast Mei Yang, an intercultural collaboration facilitator working between Europe and China for more than 20 years. My mission is to help and support people from different cultures to connect with each other, learn from each other, inspire each other, and add value to each other. Our world is facing tremendous challenges in multiple dimensions: economic, social, and environmental. I genuinely believe close collaboration and connection between people from different cultures, backgrounds, and businesses can create a wide range of sustainable impacts on peace and prosperity, for people and for our planet. In Our Cultures & Our World Podcast, I will invite people from China and other countries to share stories about their intercultural journeys, their challenges along the way, and their effort to create understanding and connections. I hope their stories will give all of us insights, ideas, and inspiration to create a more connected world together. Music Waldemar Moes: "Chinese Walz"