Discovering Your Purpose — Special Guests: Tim Cove and Kim Cove

December 06, 2019 Ryan Becker Season 3 Episode 14
Discovering Your Purpose — Special Guests: Tim Cove and Kim Cove
Show Notes

Season 3 was shot and recorded at the Carolina Conference, Charlotte, NC, and sponsored by Southern Adventist University.

Ryan's special guests for this season are made up of local pastors, students, Conference employees and church members in the Carolinas.

Discovering Your Purpose is a topic we've talked about before but it is one of those topics that there isn't a super clear answer on. This question is asked by young and old because it is one that everyone wants to know the answer. Join Ryan and his guests as the explore their personal perspectives on finding out what you purpose is. 

Let us introduce you to this episode's special guests:

Tim Cove has a wide range of experience working and investing in people.  He has spent 20 years in education and 11 in pastoral ministry. Two great themes run through his life Natural Science and Biblical Christianity.  With a master’s degree in each, life is a wonderful journey finding God revealed everywhere he looks.  Tim's favorite places tend to involve kayaks, campfires, books and tools.  His greatest desire is to nudge others closer to Jesus.

N. Kim Cove, MS, LMFT has been married to her husband (of over 30 years) Tim and has two adult children Cameo and Jared. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and enjoys watercolor painting, reading, knitting, and traveling.

Special Thanks to Southern Adventist University for sponsoring this show. 

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