How do I build community in my own life? — Special Guests: Ryan Ashlock and Joe Pieretti

December 20, 2019 Ryan Becker Season 3 Episode 16
How do I build community in my own life? — Special Guests: Ryan Ashlock and Joe Pieretti
Show Notes

Season 3 was shot and recorded at the Carolina Conference, Charlotte, NC, and sponsored by Southern Adventist University.

Ryan's special guests for this season are made up of local pastors, students, Conference employees and church members in the Carolinas.

Find community, especially after you branch out on your own after college and are away from your core friend group, is very important. Join Ryan and his guest as they share their own personal experiences with finding and building community after college. 

Let us introduce you to this episode's special guests:

Ryan Ashlock has served as pastor of the University City Seventh-day Adventist Church since 2012. He has a passion for helping people connect with God, understand how Christian faith is based on reason and evidence, and think through the implications of the gospel for life, work, and relationships. Ryan and his wife Laura, have three teenage daughters. Prior to coming to Charlotte, the Ashlocks spent five years in Thailand where Ryan taught religion classes at Asia-Pacific International University and served as senior pastor of the University Church.

Joe Pieretti grew up in Puerto Rico, and was exposed to various denominations of Christianity in addition to local witchcraft or Santeria. After pursuing a career in music, Joe became a Seventh-day Adventist in 2013. While he still has a passion for music he is now a pastor of the Carolina Conference serving in the Raleigh area with his wife and daughter.

Special Thanks to Southern Adventist University for sponsoring this show. 

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