The Carla Podcast

Episode 6: Micol Hebron, Angella d'Avignon

September 05, 2018 A Podcast by Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles
The Carla Podcast
Episode 6: Micol Hebron, Angella d'Avignon
Show Notes

Florals and feminism — the historical, political, and gendered uses of floral imagery — Call out culture and Instagram feminism — Has female representation in the art world made any progress?

Hosted by Lindsay Preston Zappas

Writer’s Room:
Lindsay is joined by Carla writer Angella d’Avignon to discuss Angella’s recent article, “Perennial Bloom,” which discusses California’s super bloom in late 2016 as it coincided with stark political events such as the presidential election and Women’s March. We talk about the trend of florals in contemporary art, some of the historical and feminist roots of floral imagery, and the gendered associations that are tied to the flower.

Artist and teacher, Micol Hebron—who founded the Gallery Tally project—joins Lindsay to discuss the gender disparity that exists in the art world, what led her to begin the Gallery Tally project, and the issues at force behind call out culture, and gender-based oppression.

Dear Carla:
Lindsay continues the conversation with Micol Hebron to answer a listener-submitted question about what progress we’ve made in the art world regarding gender equality, and what we can do to prevent this progress from regressing under the Trump administration.