Finding Your Stage and Getting Paid To Speak: A Talk with Grant Baldwin
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Hustle Nation Podcast
Finding Your Stage and Getting Paid To Speak: A Talk with Grant Baldwin
Oct 25, 2023
Chris Burns & Dustin McClone

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Unlock the secrets to getting paid to speak on the latest episode of The Hustle Nation Podcast. Join us as we dive deep with Grant Baldwin, the mastermind behind The Speaker Lab, and a guru in transforming the art of conversation into a lucrative career path.

From a youth pastor influenced by the power of words to a speaking sensation who has graced stages worldwide, Grant's journey is nothing short of inspirational. With no initial audience, network, or established platform, he defied the odds, commanding stages and captivating audiences across the globe, culminating in over 2 million in earnings from speaking engagements.

In this riveting episode, "How To Get Paid To Speak," Grant peels back the curtain on the often mystified industry of public speaking. He doesn't just stop at the 'what' and 'why', he arms you with the 'how,' introducing the revolutionary SPEAK framework that has propelled countless speakers to success. Whether you're a seasoned speaker or taking your first step into the arena, the insights from this discussion are invaluable.

But it's not all strategy and no action, Grant gets real about the hurdles, the grind, and the sheer persistence required to make your mark. You'll hear firsthand about the pivotal role of authenticity, storytelling, and audience connection in elevating your speaking engagements from good to unforgettable.

Moreover, this conversation goes beyond individual growth, touching upon creating a thriving environment within your own ventures. Reflecting on his journey with The Speaker Lab, Grant shares golden nuggets on fostering a culture that resonates with purpose, integrity, and mutual growth, ensuring that success isn't a solo endeavor.

Tune in to discover:
- The SPEAK framework's transformative impact on your speaking career.
- Insider secrets on connecting with your audience and leaving an indelible mark.
- The resilience and tenacity needed to thrive in the competitive speaking circuit.
- Building a business culture where everyone is in it to win it.

This episode isn't just a tell-all tale of success, it's a roadmap etched with failures, triumphs, and lessons that serve as both caution and encouragement. It's about finding your voice, making it your income, and, most importantly, making a difference. Ready to speak your way to success? Listen now!

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