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"Multifaceted Journeys: Priya Ahluwalia's Path from Beijing to Babcock Ranch"

January 13, 2024 Cornell Bunting/Priya Ahluwalia Season 3 Episode 17
Stories to Create Podcast
"Multifaceted Journeys: Priya Ahluwalia's Path from Beijing to Babcock Ranch"
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Show Notes

On the first episode of 2024, join host Cornell Bunting on a captivating journey in this episode of "Global Crossroads," featuring the extraordinary Priya Ahluwalia. Priya's story is a remarkable tapestry of cultural exploration, academic achievement, and professional innovation. From her roots in India to her educational pursuits in Beijing and San Francisco, Priya embodies the spirit of a global citizen. As she shares her experiences of studying Business Chinese, her transition to the United States, and her diverse roles - from an academic at the University of San Francisco to a visionary leader in international service and entrepreneurship - listeners will be inspired by her resilience and adaptability.

This episode delves into the challenges and triumphs of navigating different cultures and professional landscapes. Priya discusses her journey to the sustainable community of Babcock Ranch in Florida with her husband, Mohit Pohani, highlighting the importance of sustainable living and personal values in her life choices.

Cornell Bunting's engaging interview style brings out the nuances of Priya’s experiences, offering listeners valuable insights into the power of embracing change, the importance of cultural understanding, and the endless possibilities that arise from blending diverse perspectives in one's personal and professional life.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone interested in the dynamic interplay of cultures in our modern world, "Bridging Cultures, Building Futures: The Priya Ahluwalia Story" is an episode that promises to enlighten, inspire, and motivate.

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