Empowered Eating: Hunger Cues and Thought Patterns (Part 3:5 Journey to Sustainable Wellness)
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Empowered Eating: Hunger Cues and Thought Patterns (Part 3:5 Journey to Sustainable Wellness)
Mar 12, 2024

070- Today's topic is about something that affects all of us: how we eat. It's not just about the food itself but understanding our body's signals and the reasons behind our food choices.

We'll explore how to recognize true hunger versus emotional eating. Ever find yourself snacking when you're not really hungry? You're not alone. I'll share tips on how to listen to your body and make choices that leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

You'll hear Linda's story of how she has lost 50 lbs! Way more than she thought was possible for her in her late sixties. She transformed her eating habits and relationship with food by understanding these very concepts, leading to significant changes in her life. Stories like hers inspire us to take small, impactful steps toward better health.

And here's something crucial: if your hunger hormones are out of balance, your body might be sending you mixed signals about when and how much to eat. It's like trying to listen to music with static interference – you're not getting the clear picture.

So, let's get into it and make those positive shifts together.

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