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#53: Secrets of Selling with Gwen Tinsley

November 27, 2023 Carin Hunt Season 1 Episode 53
Celebration Pro Podcast
#53: Secrets of Selling with Gwen Tinsley
Show Notes

Celebrating 11 years of marriage and proudly parenting a 10-year-old son, Gwen Tinsley is a woman who has navigated life's challenges from an early age. Having embraced her authentic self in her 40s, Gwen surrounds herself with genuine, like-minded women who provide valuable perspectives. Grounded in unwavering values and principles, she believes in the power of authenticity and trust, understanding the significance of one's word. With over two decades of sales experience and a profound insight into the psychology of selling, Gwen is on a mission to transform the sales landscape from the "icky" to the soul-enriching. As a coach, she empowers others to sell authentically, leaving a positive imprint on people's lives. Gwen invites women to unlock the joy in sales by connecting with their true selves and cultivating habits and processes that align seamlessly with their values and those of their customers.


  • How to know if your leads and clients are right for your business
  • Creating a follow up sequence that will have your leads thanking you
  • The secret email that makes all the difference and will set you apart

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