Debt to Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 4 with Alex Minter
Debt to Financial Freedom
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Debt to Financial Freedom
Debt to Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 4 with Alex Minter
Mar 27, 2023
Victor Lagos

"Welcome to our exciting new episode! Today, we have a very special guest joining us - Alex Minter, Director at Astute Property Network, focusing on residential property investment strategy, property advisory and acquisition services. With Alex's wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, we're in for a treat.

Alex has 12 years of professional property experience and 19 years of personal property experience, with involvement in over a thousand property transactions. He has worked with wealth creation organisations and developers, gaining insight into how most developments are marketed to the public. With a focus on trust, transparency, disclosure, and ethical guidance, Alex has built Astute Property Network with these values at the forefront. As Director and Buyers Agent, he and his team help investors navigate marketing noise and smoke screens.

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Victor Lagos, a seasoned financial expert with years of experience working with clients to build wealth, shares his invaluable insights and strategies to help investors avoid common pitfalls that can kill their borrowing capacity. He draws from his own vast experience in the financial industry to provide practical advice and actionable tips.

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