Queerly Beloved

E1. Why Every Wedding Should be a Little Queer

January 03, 2023 Wildly Connected Photography Season 1 Episode 1
Queerly Beloved
E1. Why Every Wedding Should be a Little Queer
Show Notes

This podcast is designed for queer couples who are looking for a safe space to explore the possibilities for their wedding or elopement. It’s also meant to help educate and inform allies and wedding vendors on ways they can create safe and inclusive spaces for the queer folks in their lives… simply put this podcast is here to unite both queer couples and the ally community to help change the wedding industry for the better!

Queerly Beloved, we are gathered here to discuss why I think every wedding should be a little bit queer and really give lay this episode out as the basis for the rest of the episodes!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to the following:

  • My immensely talented friend, Jayna for writing the beautiful intro and outro for this series. You can find her and go give her some love @jaynadavismusic
  • Anna Humphrey designed the gorgeous podcast cover and she is amazing! Go check her out @annahumphrey_design

Finally, if you want to check out the blog version of this week's episode or want to hire me as your photographer, please check me out at wildlyconnectedphotography.com or on instagram @wildlyconnectedphoto

You can read the blog version of this episode here!

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic