A Better World with Adrienne

Talking to Angels, Tarot & New Earth Creation with Seph Dietlin

August 30, 2023 Adrienne Schroeder
A Better World with Adrienne
Talking to Angels, Tarot & New Earth Creation with Seph Dietlin
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Show Notes

Hello Beautiful Soul! In today's episode I get to introduce you to my friend, soul family, Lemurian Brother and New Earth leader, Seph Dietlin. Seph is an angel channel, hypnotherapist and energy healer all in the service of creating A Better World - exactly what all of us leaders are up to here on the podcast! This conversation is QUANTUM and will code you with the frequencies of the angels, the magic we create when we come together and tangible ways to move forward powerfully as a spiritual creator.

Today we share: 

  • The magical story of how Seph and I connected 
  • Seph shares how he first connected with the angels and his story in embracing his sacred role & gift
  • Using the Tarot as a way to access the divine realm and source energy
  • How to speak to angels and stay tapped into your guides while being a human
  • How Seph's work has helped me in strengthening my belief, intuition, connection to my angels and so much more
  • This moment in A New Earth and maintaining the truth of love even when there is chaos in the Earthly plane
  • Seph does a tarot reading for YOU and this podcast community with messages from the angels to support you on your divine path
  • How you can shift your mindset to quantum creation at any moment and strengthen your own relationship with your angels too

This episode is straight up magic and I'm so excited to share this with you! The magic and quantum love created between Seph and I in this expansive conversation WILL change your life.

Tune in for this mystic episode and prepare to have your heart blown wide open by the Angels through Seph. If you're ready to uplevel your service as a New Earth leader and desire clarity on how to move through the shattering occuring on the 3D plane - this transmission is for you!

Love you deeply,

Mentioned in this episode:

Connect and Work with Seph Here. Book a 1:1 session, attend his Activation from Hawaii on 9/9 and join his Tarot/Angel community! (I will be in all 3 😊 )


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