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The Ukulele

February 17, 2023 Bradley Weaver
Bradley Weaver's Family Fun Club
The Ukulele
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Show Notes

This episode features songs performed on the ukulele.

The setlist is as follows:

1. Happy and You Know It (traditional)
2. Wheels on the Bus (traditional)
3. All Around the Kitchen (traditional)
4. Here Comes the Sun (Harrison)

This episode's joke was a phone recording of my one-year-old daughter Max telling her favorite Knock Knock joke!

The closing song ( in lieu of a lullaby) is my tune 'Ukulele Morning' off my latest EP, 'All the Colors You've Got Inside!'

My ukulele is the Honu model from Luna Guitars. Honu is Hawaiin for turtle! If you'd like a uke just like mine, click on this affiliate link.

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