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The Lap Steel Guitar

August 18, 2023 Bradley Weaver
Bradley Weaver's Family Fun Club
The Lap Steel Guitar
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Show Notes

This episode features one of my favorite instruments, the Lap Steel Guitar!

If you are not familiar with this beautiful instrument, I made a short intro video here.
You can also view a whole bunch of my lap steel videos here!

Here is the setlist for the episode-
1. Farmers (Weaver)
2. Trains, Trains, Over Our Heads (Lien, Weaver, Weaver, Weaver)
3. Deuling Banjos (Smith, Reno)
4. Down By the Bay (trad.)
5. When Playin' Time is Over (Weaver)

The lullaby is a live version of 'Sunshine' by Sonny Trench Foot.

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