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Tribute to Team Weav

November 18, 2023 Bradley Weaver
Bradley Weaver's Family Fun Club
Tribute to Team Weav
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Show Notes

In this episode, I play tunes from the 'Team Weav' project.

Team Weav began as a recording project with my twin brother Brandon. In 2008, Brandon challenged himself to record 1 song every week, whether it was 'finished' or not! At the end of that year, Brandon asked me if I would pick some songs from the project for us to finish together. We co-wrote and recorded remotely (each from our home studios) and released our first full album as 'Team Weav.'

Here is the setlist:
1. Let Me Be Someone (Weaver, Weaver)
2. My Friend (In Five Parts)  (Weaver, Weaver)
3. We Are Okay (Weaver, Weaver)
4. People I Know (Weaver, Weaver)

The lullaby is also a tune from the project (although the original is not a lullaby!)
'Pie Sky' (Weaver, Weaver)

Please check out the Team Weav album here! Or listen wherever you stream music!

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