The Enlightened Leadership Journey: Where Power Meets Soul
Live Your Extraordinary Life With Michelle Rios
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Live Your Extraordinary Life With Michelle Rios
The Enlightened Leadership Journey: Where Power Meets Soul
Sep 04, 2023 Season 1 Episode 26
Michelle Rios

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On this week's episode, we welcome Royce Battleman, a talented entertainment lawyer and one of corporate America's most enlightened power players. for a discussion on what it means to live an extraordinary life and leadership in the workplace. 

We discuss:

  • the ever-evolving concept of extraordinary living, and examine 
  • how one can find beauty in the ordinary 
  • how to embrace love in its myriad forms,
  •  leadership in the workplace, 
  • the importance of shedding workplace personas, and 
  • fostering a workplace environment that thrives on compassion and gratitude.

In the final segment of this episode, we explore the profound influence of beliefs, self-care, and relationships on our lives. Royce shares her own experience with  the grounding power of spiritual practices, the importance of setting intentions, and the positive impact of self-reflection. She also shares the transformative power of books like Tara Mohr's 'Playing Big,'  Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now,' and Pema Chodron's 'Getting Unstuck.' Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that celebrates everyone as their own hero and stresses the importance of feeling seen and heard.

Royce Battleman leads the US Content Acquisitions for Warner Bros. Discovery, where her team is responsible for sourcing hundreds of films and television series each year for WBD's streaming service Max, as well was its pay tv services, HBO, Cinemax, and its large number of basic cable tv channels, including TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies and Adult Swim.  Royce is a Harvard-trained lawyer who is grateful to be able to apply her decades of legal and negotiating experience to a career that she loves and strives to embody compassionate leadership. When she is not negotiating deals for Warner Bros Discovery, Royce is an enthusiastic wisdom seeker, who is trained in meditation, yoga and mindfulness for kids and has developed curriculum introducing young people, parents and educators to the stress-reducing benefits of these practices for students. Royce currently lives in Westchester, New York with her husband, two children and their much-loved cavapoo, Riley.

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