Mind Your Data
Maximizing Growth Through Marketing: Inovent.io CEO and Founder Siara Nazir
Episode Artwork Maximizing Growth Through Marketing: Inovent.io CEO and Founder Siara Nazir 43:28 Episode Artwork What's Beyond ChatGPT? Srini unveils AIGO.AI 52:31 Episode Artwork Dream Big and Win: Liz Elting's Billion Dollar Journey 54:31 Episode Artwork The Power of Community Building in the Real Estate Industry: CEO GW Capital, Param Baladandapani 41:00 Episode Artwork Revolutionizing Real Estate through Data and AI: Insights from Marc Rutzen, CEO of HelloData.AI 41:40 Episode Artwork Navigating Investment Strategies with Vessi Kapoulian, Dream. Believe. Achieve 38:58 Episode Artwork Bethany Finch's Road to 10,000 Units - A Multifamily Investment Story 49:20 Episode Artwork Erica Muller's Guide to Profitable Short-Term Rental Investing 56:37 Episode Artwork E10: The Science of Real Estate Growth: A Talk with George Roberts 49:05 Episode Artwork E09: Inflation, De-Dollarization and the Real Estate Investor's Toolbox 1:10:03 Episode Artwork E08: Unlocking the Secrets of Multifamily Underwriting with Jason Baik 54:33 Episode Artwork E07: Kranti Ponnam with Guest Hemant Kale founder of Greenvest Capital 1:04:15 Episode Artwork E06: Kranti Ponnam with Guest Vinay Mahajan, President of IT Serve Alliance 1:00:09 Episode Artwork E05: Kranti Ponnam with Ben Labra, Founder of Gesture 49:56 Episode Artwork E04: Kranti Ponnam - With Guest Andrew Augustyniak - Top Mortgage Lender 41:35 Episode Artwork E03- Kranti Ponnam with Guest-Joshua Bauman - GM Horne Kia 36:26 Episode Artwork E02- Kranti Ponnam with Guest- Jason Small CEO - Kipi.bi 33:14 Episode Artwork E01- Kranti Ponnam with Guest- Kiran Yarlagadda 39:26