Bigger, Better World Podcast

Episode 17: 28 Countries Later - How We Traveled The World as Roving Retirees

March 22, 2023 International Living
Bigger, Better World Podcast
Episode 17: 28 Countries Later - How We Traveled The World as Roving Retirees
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In this week’s podcast, host, Jim Santos speaks to expats Todd Hilton and Damon Morris.

Todd and Damon took to the world together when they decided that a roving retirement fit their inbuilt need for travel and adventure. Together, they lived in 28 different countries over the course of three years, before finally settling down in Mexico’s premier expat city—the colonial highland showpiece of San Miguel de Allende.

Armed with a sheaf of notes they’d taken from an International Living conference, and an ambitious desire to see and experience more of the world, they quit their jobs, sold their home, let go of their old lives, and set off. Friends thought they were crazy. Family members cried. Colleagues figured they’d soon be back…

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Nowadays, those friends and family wish they were living a life like Todd and Damon’s. And when they’re asked if they have any regrets, their only wish is that they’d made the decision sooner.

Settle in and listen to Todd and Damon’s inspiring story of discovery, adventure, and happiness, as Jim Santos hosts the latest episode of International Living’s Bigger, Better World podcast.

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