Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast

The Electric Vehicle's Long-Haul Challenge with Greg Battersby

November 27, 2023 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 23
The Electric Vehicle's Long-Haul Challenge with Greg Battersby
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
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Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
The Electric Vehicle's Long-Haul Challenge with Greg Battersby
Nov 27, 2023 Episode 23
Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby

In this episode, we are joined by Jeff’s brother Greg to discuss his new electric vehicle, the Subaru Solterra. This episode delves into the heart of mid-range electric vehicles' capabilities and challenges, highlighting the nuances of planning and executing a long journey in an EV. Greg’s California adventure from Orange County to the Bay Area becomes a compelling case study on the realities of today's electric vehicle technology.

The episode provides a candid exploration of the challenges faced by mid-range electric vehicles on extended trips, from the apprehension of range anxiety to the realities of managing battery life and charging strategies. Greg's experience becomes a compelling narrative about the practicalities of EV travel and the obstacles that still need to be overcome.

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In this episode, we are joined by Jeff’s brother Greg to discuss his new electric vehicle, the Subaru Solterra. This episode delves into the heart of mid-range electric vehicles' capabilities and challenges, highlighting the nuances of planning and executing a long journey in an EV. Greg’s California adventure from Orange County to the Bay Area becomes a compelling case study on the realities of today's electric vehicle technology.

The episode provides a candid exploration of the challenges faced by mid-range electric vehicles on extended trips, from the apprehension of range anxiety to the realities of managing battery life and charging strategies. Greg's experience becomes a compelling narrative about the practicalities of EV travel and the obstacles that still need to be overcome.

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Intro Music: Psychokinetics - The Chosen

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Basic AF Episode 23 Transcript


Jeff & Greg Battersby (0s)

Yeah, range anxiety is very real.

Tom Anderson (0s)

Yeah, I have enough anxiety, I don't need that.

Tom Anderson (15s)

This is Basic AF, a podcast that is mostly about tech, but not always.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20s)

Mostly, no, it could be.

Tom Anderson (21s)

And we may be a little hallucinatory still.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (23s)

Could be about Thanksgiving dinner and tryptophan dreams or something like that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29s)

Yeah, you're right.

Tom Anderson (30s)

I don't know.

Tom Anderson (30s)

I don't even know if that's a word, but it sounded good.

Tom Anderson (33s)

So we're off to our usual great start.

Tom Anderson (35s)

I'm Tom Anderson joined as always by Jeff Battersby.

Tom Anderson (39s)

Hello, Jeff.

Tom Anderson (39s)

Good to see you again.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (41s)

Good morning, Tom, still on the West Coast in the basement.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (43s)

And we've got a guest.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (46s)

We do.

Hello, Greg Battersby!

Jeff & Greg Battersby (47s)

An unexpected guest, but excited to have my brother,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (51s)

the next one out of the, well, I won't say anything,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (55s)

at the chute, yeah, at the womb, after me.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (58s)

This is my brother, Greg Battersby.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m)

Greg, welcome.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 2s)

Thank you.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 3s)

Pleasure to be with you guys.

Tom Anderson (1m 4s)

Yeah, Greg, thank you for joining us today.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 5s)

Fun to be here.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 6s)

Absolutely my pleasure.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 8s)

All right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 9s)

This is not the hip hop, brother.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 11s)

That's a little, gonna come a little later on.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 13s)

We're gonna figure that one out.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 14s)

But my brother, Greg, is a Subaru guy and just got a new Soterra, actually brand new,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 23s)

still has the paper plates on it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 26s)

And so we're gonna talk a little bit about the Soterra and we're also gonna talk about his trip from Seal Beach in the LA area all the way up to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 38s)

and what a Subie adventure.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 41s)

That was.

Tom Anderson (1m 41s)

Ooh, what a sweet tie-in.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 41s)

Yeah, there you go.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 46s)

Hey, can you sponsor the podcast?

Tom Anderson (1m 47s)

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 48s)

So Greg, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself first?

Tom Anderson (1m 50s)

Zero dollar ad buy, I could do that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (1m 57s)

Other than being my brother, which was, you know, that's, that's the most.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 2s)

That's a great accomplishment.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 3s)

Thing about me.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 3s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 4s)

Uh, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 5s)

So I'm Greg, I'm Jeff's, uh, younger brother by four years.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 11s)

In a seal beach in orange County, California.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 14s)

And, uh, I've been living there for about 12 years.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 18s)

I work for a startup, uh, in the, uh, electrification of transportation space,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 25s)

but specifically for the vehicles, the trucks that will replace diesel.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 30s)

Uh, in California, California has some pretty aggressive, uh, zero emissions policies specifically at the ports and intermodal, uh, rail yards and.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 41s)

Uh, I work for a company called Watt EV and we're building the infrastructure to charge the new vehicles, uh, that will replace the diesel drainage and intermodal, uh, trucks.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (2m 52s)

So I am not unfamiliar with, uh, electrification and, and battery electric vehicles, but I don't want to hold myself out there as an engineer.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 2s)

I'm a sales guy, so don't ask me a lot of like physics questions.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 8s)

So I will not do well.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 11s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 11s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 12s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 12s)

And, and you've been working for a Watt EV for about a year and a half.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 17s)

Okay, cool.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 18s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 18s)

Pretty cool.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 18s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 19s)

I should know that as his brother and I do, but I had to ask the questions.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 24s)

So we told our, our five listeners, what is, yeah, the accuracy is a,

Tom Anderson (3m 29s)

Well, we still like to be accurate, so...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 32s)

accuracy is a good thing.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 33s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 33s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 34s)

Um, so you've been doing that for a while.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 36s)

Um, you get a master's in logistics, right?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 41s)

Yeah, I got a master's in business and, uh, but a focus on sustainability.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 46s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 46s)

Oh, I don't know things about my brother.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 49s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 49s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 49s)

And, um, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 51s)

And then I've been working in the transportation industry since I finished grad school.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 56s)

I worked at UPS and then CH Robinson.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (3m 58s)

And, uh, I've always been interested in sustainability and this opportunity came along to kind of do the intersection of both.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 7s)

And, uh, so, uh, yeah, I've been there for about a year and a half.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 11s)

And, um, the other thing is you're a Subi guy.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 13s)

I am a huge Subi guy.

Greg’s History with Subaru

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 15s)

Um, I'm a mountain guy, which, you know, we were kind of raised that way, uh,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 20s)

spending time in the Sierra Nevada in California.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 23s)

Um, and I've been a skier for a long time, uh, being in Southern California,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 28s)

do a lot of driving, uh, into the Eastern Sierra, which is about a six hour drive in a gas car.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 34s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 35s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 35s)

Not an electric car.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 37s)

So, yeah, I mean, I, I,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 41s)

I use Subarus for what they're intended for, um, you know,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 44s)

kind of adventure vehicles.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 46s)

Love the brand have had probably four, uh, starting with an outback, uh, I think back in 2010, maybe that was my first Subaru, uh, cross tracks.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (4m 59s)

Um, and then, you know, I leased them, um, and, or the, the, the most recent,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 6s)

uh, relationship with Subaru has been with leased vehicles.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 9s)

So last time I went into my favorite dealer.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 11s)

I don't know if I should drop the name, maybe not.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 13s)

Yeah, go ahead.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 14s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 15s)

It's Frank Subaru in Irvine, California, very great dealership, love the people.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 21s)

But this time around I said, "Hey man, I'm going to give an electric Subaru a shot."

Greg’s Subaru Solterra (Electric Vehicle)

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 26s)

And it's a beautiful looking car, by the way.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 28s)

I don't know if you guys have seen the Solterra.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 30s)

I have because it's parked in front of the house.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 33s)

Yeah, that's true.

Tom Anderson (5m 33s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 34s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 35s)

But no, I mean, one of the great things about re-upping the car is that you can actually

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 41s)

every three years is that you get all the latest technology and everything, too, which is constantly evolving.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 46s)

And I mean, you guys could talk tech on vehicles forever.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 52s)

But this vehicle has a ton of bells and whistles.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 56s)

Very, very fun from that perspective.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (5m 59s)

But this last--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 3s)

I guess it was Tuesday, I started on my first long journey to come up to the Bay Area from my

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 11s)

home in Seal Beach for Thanksgiving, and I anticipated that it was going to, you know,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 16s)

it's normally, I would say, a six-hour drive without traffic, so I anticipated that it was probably going to be, you know, at most eight or nine, but I was sadly mistaken. This was a grueling horseback ride. I mean, brutal, brutal.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 42s)

We'll talk about that in a little bit. Let's talk a little bit about how the vehicle drives.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 46s)

Oh, sure.

Solterra Experience

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 47s)

So, you're in a Solterra. You're in the Touring model, which we'll talk about in a minute,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (6m 53s)

but tell us a little bit about, like, the driving experience of this vehicle.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (7m)

It's by far the fastest Subaru I've ever owned. I know, Tom, you've had WRXs. I don't know how it compares to that. I've never driven one of those. So it's really easy.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (7m 11s)

zippy. The cabin is a little tight for me. I think I have kind of a longer torso, maybe,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (7m 18s)

and shorter legs. So it's tough for me to get into the cabin. Otherwise, though, yeah, no,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (7m 25s)

really responsive, obviously really quiet because it's an EV. You know, the technology is pretty intuitive. So I'm happy. I'm happy with that. Yeah, overall, like really comfortable. Doesn't

Jeff & Greg Battersby (7m 41s)

have like a Subaru. It's different. You know, I mean, I think we talked about this, Tom. It's really a Toyota body. And it kind of feels like that. There are a few different modifications that they made on the Toyota X-Biz, I think it's called, the Toyota model. Is that the platform?

Tom Anderson (7m 44s)

Huh. Right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 1s)

Yeah, the platform. X-Biz is a model. Okay. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. That's all right. I'm just thrown words around.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 11s)

I think the X-Biz is available in dual motor, but the Subaru comes standard with that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 18s)

And I think that's how they kind of stuck to their DNA.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 23s)

They wanted an all-wheel drive electric car, so Toyota worked with them on that to make this Solterra.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 31s)

And, you know, from what I understand, it does really well in the snow.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 37s)

The way that I see it after having this driving experience is that...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 41s)

it's probably a great car if you live in the mountains.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 44s)

You know? Like if you're driving, let's say, even 50 miles to a ski resort, you know,

Tom Anderson (8m 45s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 52s)

or to the hiking trails that you like, it'd be awesome.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 55s)

It'd be great for that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (8m 57s)

But for me, as a Southern California resident who drives to the mountains frequently,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 2s)

yeah, I need to have a conversation with Subaru about this vehicle.

Tom Anderson (9m 7s)

And so the touring trim, that's the top of the line trim, right?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 11s)

Yeah, that's right.

Tom Anderson (9m 11s)


Tom Anderson (9m 12s)

So that's all the bells and whistles and everything.

Tom Anderson (9m 15s)

Um, so it'd have the touchscreen infotainment, like the 11.7 inch or however big that thing is that the tablet.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 23s)

Yeah, I think it does. I mean, I think Jeff's gonna give it a drive. Yeah, I'm gonna before before he takes off today I'm gonna I'm gonna give it a give it a drive. I mean it looks I will say Having never seen one so other than seeing it on the on the Subaru website and I uh I have had subies my son as I as I said has my old one. I'm uh driving a BMW right now, but Yeah, I know Yeah, yeah, we're making we're making so much money Let me just point out that I have--

Tom Anderson (9m 25s)


Tom Anderson (9m 44s)

Well, fancy pants. That's that podcast money.

Tom Anderson (9m 48s)

Yeah, probably.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 53s)

I'm driving the entry-level BMW.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 56s)

Still don't big-time us, dude.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 57s)

Bottom right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (9m 59s)

Yeah, I think they cost about the same.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 2s)

My BMW and your Subaru is just--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 5s)

Especially this one.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 6s)

Let's not shame me for driving an expensive car.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 11s)

But it's super sharp-looking on the outside.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 13s)

It really is.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 14s)

You got a dual-tone one.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 16s)

It's like a dark blue with black accent trim.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 19s)

Yeah, yeah, it's kind of--

Tom Anderson (10m 20s)

Yeah, I like the picture you sent over. I thought it looked nice.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 23s)

Yeah, it's a great-looking car.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 25s)

I didn't realize that it seemed like it was smaller for you on the inside.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 28s)

I fit into all cars.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 34s)

I'm a small dude.

Tom Anderson (10m 35s)

Yeah, same, I'm a horse jockey.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 36s)

You're like an F1 driver.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 37s)

Yeah, right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 38s)

I could be.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 40s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 42s)

But I'm looking forward to driving it this afternoon.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 45s)

I actually have driven-- my sister-in-law has an e-Golf.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 50s)

This is my other--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 51s)

Oh, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 53s)

I drove that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 55s)

I'm again-- I'm still in the Bay Area.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (10m 56s)

I'll be in the Bay Area through next Saturday.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m)

I'm leaving late next Saturday.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 3s)

As we record this, it's Saturday morning.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 12s)

But, one thing I will say for electric cars is they are zippy as heck, like you step on the gas and those things bite.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 22s)

And that e-golf is something pretty slick.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 31s)

So I'm interested to see how this one drives and the fact that it's, this is all-wheel drive is pretty cool, but it looks phenomenal.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 40s)

phenomenal. Yeah, vehicle really.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 42s)

Really a sharp, it has the kind of an Outback looking field.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 47s)

Sorry, not an Outback.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 48s)

A, uh, a, oh my gosh, Forrester is it now?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 53s)

It's a little smaller than Forrester.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 55s)

It's like cross track somewhere between an impressive across.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 57s)

It doesn't look like a Subaru.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (11m 59s)

Yeah, it's but most electric vehicles don't look like they're not.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 3s)

I mean, they're a little more sleek and kind of and it's interesting that you say it's it's based on the Toyota.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 10s)

I was thinking.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 12s)

And I'm looking at the past, I'm going to go test drive when I get back a Corolla hybrid.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 18s)

That's supposed to be, that's supposed to be pretty good.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 21s)

And it does now that you say that it's based on the Toyota, it kind of has that, that look to it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 27s)

So it might be in that same, in, in that same family of vehicles, but it's really slick,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 32s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 33s)

It has some wings on the back.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 34s)

It must be a firm, you know, aerodynamic.

Tom Anderson (12m 36s)

If you're looking at the Corolla, you should totally get the, I think it's the GR6. They got a little hot hatch Then that it just screams like It's not electric. No. Oh, no, it's it's a total ass ripper. It's just Which is exactly what you need at this point in life Yeah insurance will be way cheap

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 42s)

What's that?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (12m 44s)

Is it really a hybrid hybrids? Yeah Okay, great Right, I'm sure Dude, I could barely get out of my my BMW at this point in time So if you put me into some little race car, it's gonna take me like 20 minutes after soccer to extricate myself in the car part.

Tom Anderson (13m 6s)

So Toyota and Subaru are Partners, right? So Toyota's got some investment in Subaru through the Fuji heavy industries side of things and so a lot of the design stuff to for better or worse like some of the hardcore Subaru enthusiasts are Lamenting kind of some of the design decisions decisions of late, uh that they're like, ah,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (13m 28s)

Is that right, Ben?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (13m 29s)


Tom Anderson (13m 29s)

Looks like a Toyota good. Yeah, because you know, Subaru's got a bit of a history of making quirky looking cars

Jeff & Greg Battersby (13m 33s)

Right, right.

Tom Anderson (13m 36s)

right, and they're the brat yeah, and like the the the older foresters were more boxy and they were kind of funny looking and even back into the 80s with some of the the cars they had then um Well, heck even that WRX that I had in 2002 uh the design language on that like people either loved or hated it when it came out because they that's referred to as the bug eye because it's got these big round

Jeff & Greg Battersby (13m 37s)

The brat.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (13m 38s)


Tom Anderson (14m 2s)

headlights and then these super big fog lights underneath.

Tom Anderson (14m 5s)

I loved it, but it was very.

Tom Anderson (14m 6s)

Um, I won't say controversial, but it was opinionated.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (14m 10s)

Yeah. Distinctive. Yeah.

Tom Anderson (14m 12s)


Tom Anderson (14m 13s)

You either liked it or you didn't.

Tom Anderson (14m 14s)

Um, but now it's looked like it's one of the classics, but, um, and so they were saying some of the same things, like with the new Forester, they came out, um, although people were saying the front end of that actually looks more like a Ford Explorer, um, and it does, uh, but you know, they, they make these things and people complain.

Tom Anderson (14m 33s)

And then you kind of get used to it and you don't really care.

Tom Anderson (14m 36s)

Like when they did the most recent WRX, there was a lot of complaints with the amount of plastic they put on the back end to the cladding.

Tom Anderson (14m 44s)

And people were like, "Oh, it looks like a Civic," which wasn't necessarily a lie.

Tom Anderson (14m 49s)

But now that I've seen them and they're more round and you've had a little more time to get used to it, I actually kind of like it now.

Tom Anderson (14m 54s)

It didn't as much at first, but so, but go ahead.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (14m 57s)

Yeah. If you don't mind, I just want to share a tiny bit more about what I think the issues are with the Solterra from my driving experience. The battery capacity on the Solterra Touring

Jeff & Greg Battersby (15m 17s)

is 72.8 kilowatt hours. So call that 73 kilowatt hours. And typically you get between two

Jeff & Greg Battersby (15m 27s)

and three miles per kilowatt hour. My experience driving it up here, I don't know if I even mentioned this, but it took me 13 hours to get from Orange County to the Bay Area.

Tom Anderson (15m 38s)


Tom Anderson (15m 40s)

One I don't want.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (15m 40s)

Now that's a Subie adventure.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (15m 42s)

Yeah. So I mean, that was, you know, turned a six-hour trip into double that, right? Some of that is attributable to traffic, but really the longest trip I've ever taken in an ICE vehicle,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (15m 58s)

is, you know, seven, maybe eight hours with really bad traffic. So there's that,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 3s)

there's the limited capacity of the... Yes, that's the other thing I was going to say. So the Solterra for some reason is tuned to charge more slowly. And apparently that was a decision that Subaru made to preserve battery life. So yeah. So this thing, I mean, it's got a tiny little

Tom Anderson (16m 5s)

And so is most of that delay charging-related?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 27s)

hose, let's say, to fill it. Yeah. All right. You can do whatever you want with that metaphor.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 35s)

Yeah. So I mean, when you're sitting there, you're spending an hour to charge it from 20%

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 45s)

to mid-80s, let's say. And yeah, brutal. And you better make good decisions about,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 51s)

you really got to tune it, you know, like make sure it's in eco mode, make sure you're not,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (16m 57s)

using the seat heater. Well, I guess if you put it in eco mode, that kind of balances all that stuff out. But I learned some things on this trip that I'm going to apply on the way back.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 6s)

And we'll see, we'll see what happens on the way back. But...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 8s)

Did you... I'll share that with you. Did you leave with a full charge?

Tom Anderson (17m 8s)

Yeah, I'd be curious to see how much of an impact those adjustments would make.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 16s)

I left. When you left LA, were you 100%? No, I was at like 86%.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 22s)

Okay. So you started, you're starting already with a...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 26s)

It's not practical.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 27s)

to charge vehicles to 100% when you're driving them, man.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 30s)

I mean, that's true with trucks, too.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 32s)

You don't charge them to 100%.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 34s)

You charge them to 80%.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 35s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 36s)

Which is what I'm charging my phone to these days, by the way.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 38s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 39s)

You just, you got to balance between the time that you spend charging, because it doesn't charge like in a linear fashion.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 46s)

The amount of time that it takes to charge the last 20% is way different than it is to charge the first 80%.

Tom Anderson (17m 50s)

That's what I was wondering about. Yeah, like it charges faster and then once you get to that 80, that last bit, it really kind of slows down.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 52s)

Yeah, you're gonna spend

Jeff & Greg Battersby (17m 58s)

Slows down, yeah, and this is already slow.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 2s)

So I think this vehicle is really not, it's not a good touring vehicle.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 7s)

Because driving to the Bay Area or driving to the mountains, in my case, you're gonna be stopping.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 13s)

Given the range, right, it's only gonna get at most, let's see, we said 73, so double that or 2.5 that in terms of miles, because of that.

Tom Anderson (18m 22s)

Right, so at 180 for an hour.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 24s)

Yeah, and then you're shopping every.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 27s)

80 miles, yeah, for an hour.

Tom Anderson (18m 29s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 31s)

And if you're climbing or the temperature is low,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 34s)

you know, the performance varies and, you know,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 37s)

you're talking about getting, you know,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (18m 40s)

an hour or a hundred miles worth of drive and then spending an hour charging, come on.

Tom Anderson (18m 45s)

Yeah, and that's my biggest hesitation with with an EV is that like if I had it because oh one of the things I was considering Was okay, if I got one it would be like a nice commuter car because I drive, you know It's a 10-minute commute to work. We've actually got chargers and our parking garage is there I could top off there if I wanted to But the range doesn't really come into play, right? So I'm not okay Well if I'm going to Say, you know when my in-laws were in Connecticut if I were going up there, it'd be a similar thing, right?

Tom Anderson (19m 15s)

Two-and-a-half seven-hour trip 400 miles door-to-door. So that would be At least two charges with that one And I am just not willing to sit for an hour to charge up when I can pump gas for five dollars run into the you know the Convenience store and pick up a bottle of tea or something and be back on the road in 15 or 20 minutes

Jeff & Greg Battersby (19m 37s)

It's kind of interesting, like the charging culture, if you will.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (19m 42s)

When I'm driving, you're with a couple other people in these lonely parking lots, like after dark, just sitting there, like waiting for your vehicle to charge up.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (19m 53s)

You know, I think technology is going to evolve.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (19m 56s)

Batteries are obviously going to get bigger and maybe, you know, maintain a lighter weight.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 2s)

And then charging capacity, the speed of charging is going to change.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 5s)

Right now the technology is CCS.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 7s)

And I know that what's coming is something called megawatt charging, and I don't know how it'll apply in passenger vehicles, but with trucks right now, to charge the equivalent of a diesel truck takes about an hour and a half, to get up to 80%, let's say.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 22s)

But with MCS, megawatt charging, that's going to come down to like 30 minutes.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 28s)

So, you know, the big pipe, it'll load up quickly, it's going to be a huge strain on the grid, but I imagine that kind of technology will be available.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (20m 38s)

Well, and I think, here's the difference, and you can tell me if I'm wrong, this is my understanding of the company that you're working for now, is you would have basically stations going all the way up, and rather than waiting for the charge, aren't they dropping off one cab, picking up another one, letting the one cab charge, and the other one takes off to...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m)

Yeah, that was something, a concept that we had in the beginning that we called slip seeding. So it's supposed to be kind of like...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 8s)

It's like a pony express, but you would take your cab, hook up a trailer to it, pull into a Wadi Vee charging station that's like 100 miles from the one where you charged or left from, and then just swap out the cab and take it further.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 22s)

That proved to be a bit of a challenge because these vehicles are 500 grand a piece.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 26s)

So, yeah, you got to have a million dollars worth of assets to move...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 33s)

One truck up the...

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 35s)

So we're figuring that out.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 37s)

And again, MCS charging is going to come to the Class 8 vehicles, you know, probably in the next three or four years.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 46s)

Policy in California, especially, but some other states is way more aggressive than the technology.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 52s)

And so that's kind of a balancing act right now, especially with the trucking community.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (21m 57s)

So anyway. Uh-huh.

Tom Anderson (21m 59s)

So when those new standards drop in, so say the MCS, the megawatt chargers,

Tom Anderson (22m 3s)

what, so say that does work its way down to like the consumer grade, you know, regular vehicles,

Tom Anderson (22m 10s)

what, what do they have to do with the charging stations? Any idea? Like, are those compatible?

Tom Anderson (22m 15s)

Is it just you just throw more juice to it? Or do they have to put in brand new charging stations or just the connector or any idea how that would work?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (22m 21s)

That's a great question. And actually, YTV is really smart about that. We're primarily an electrical engineering company, a lot smarter guys than me and the other guys on the sales team.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (22m 32s)

And we have designed our charging stations to pivot to MCS. So we're anticipating that change. Some of our competitors, I don't know that they're doing that. It'd be kind of silly if they weren't.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (22m 43s)

But yeah, once that happens, in our case, we will be able to switch over. So the dispensers,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (22m 52s)

we won't have to swap out the dispensers, just the cables and the charging mechanisms looks a little different.

Tom Anderson (22m 59s)

Okay, so like a USB-A to USB-C type thing to bring the tech back into it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (22m 59s)

Great, right back to the iPhone now.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (23m 7s)

No, but you know, it might be interesting for you guys, if you want to explore this EV stuff further on your podcast, I could, you know, introduce you to one of our engineers and get them on. That might be an interesting conversation.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (23m 17s)

If you're in.

Tom Anderson (23m 18s)

Yeah, that'd be fun.

Tom Anderson (23m 18s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (23m 19s)

If not, we'd be into something like that.

Tom Anderson (23m 20s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (23m 21s)

Definitely, but you know, we're mostly tech and it's.

Tom Anderson (23m 21s)

Well, I think that's, yeah, that's a nice, it's a different tech angle.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (23m 25s)

It it is.

Tom Anderson (23m 28s)

It's not Apple, but I, but I think it's interesting though, because it's, it's something that there's a movement towards, um, and Jeff, you and I've talked about this a little bit that I feel like it's a little too aggressive, um, and I get the end goal, but I think that, you know, I think it's a.

Tom Anderson (23m 48s)

Long play, I think a smarter play is the hybrids to kind of bridge that gap between internal combustion to electric.

Tom Anderson (23m 55s)

If that's what's next, you know, on a larger scale, because I think right now it's what about 10% of new car sales were electric last quarter, um, companies I saw, I read this morning doing a little background stuff.

Tom Anderson (24m 7s)

I saw Ford loses $36,000 per electric vehicle.

Tom Anderson (24m 11s)

36,000 and I was like, well, that doesn't seem sustainable.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (24m 12s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (24m 14s)

That's a lot of money.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (24m 17s)


Tom Anderson (24m 19s)

So, but I don't know if that's, you know, because it's early and there's still throwing a bunch of money into changing manufacturing lines and research and all that kind of stuff.

Tom Anderson (24m 28s)

It didn't get into the details of that in the article, but, um, so yeah, I think it'd be an interesting discussion to have.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (24m 35s)

Yeah, and here's the kind of interesting thing too now that you know, you point out hybrids Subaru doesn't make a hybrid presently They did make a Crosstrek hybrid which was popular, but I from what I understand. They're not making that anymore I don't know what you've heard on that. Yeah. Well I was And I You know, I I've got my my BMW lease is up and I'm looking at you know

Tom Anderson (24m 47s)

Yeah, yeah, they drop that and then the Forester is going to be the next hybrid that they do the 2025

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 1s)

That well, I have been I've been looking at the the key of sport

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 5s)

which is slick vehicle. I've heard good things about you really great that like I drove it and it drives pretty much as well as my BMW hard to get your hands on like I couldn't I was having a hard time even test driving That vehicle, but it's Edmunds. It's their top-rated It's their top rated vehicle in in that space Right now what's interesting is so that I drive a BMW x1 Like I said, it's the bottom of the, you know, bottom of the barrel.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 40s)

whatever the $125,000 vehicle is that they sell.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 45s)

You buy a house, a small house, or a car.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 50s)

But what continues to be interesting too is they are upping their gas mileage game.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (25m 59s)

Doesn't do anything for carbon emissions,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 2s)

as far as that goes, in terms of what you can get with a hybrid, especially driving around town,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 7s)

where it could be all electric.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 10s)

My current BMW, if I put it in eco mode,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 13s)

which is what I drive in most of the time,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 14s)

gets in the 30s, which is better than my Impreza was getting.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 20s)

That's good, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 21s)

You know, my Impreza.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 23s)

The current one, the current X1,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 27s)

it is, again, in eco mode, if you're driving it,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 30s)

it's mid to high 30s that it'll get on the highway.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 34s)

And actually, I was looking at Consumer Reports,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 36s)

I think they got up to like 41 miles to the gallon.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 40s)

In eco mode on the highway, just straight up highway driving.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 44s)

But I think, I don't think, I think I am going to end up getting a BMW this round.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 49s)

Um, but, uh, hybrid is really the way I think that makes the most sense.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (26m 56s)

Because it seems like everybody's got a one-off that they've got to do.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 2s)

You know, I, most of my driving is under 30 something, 40 something miles, you know, in a single, in a single run.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 10s)

Until it's not, you know, I have to drive, you know, down to, you know,

Tom Anderson (27m 12s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 15s)

to see Tom's weight room or workout.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 20s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 21s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 21s)

I can go, I can go down to Tom's for a workout.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 23s)

And, uh, so it's, it, the hybrid still seems like smart technology, maybe continuing to push the, push the, um, more towards battery.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 36s)

So right, most hybrids now go about 30, 35 miles on a.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 40s)

On battery, and then it rolls over to gas be interesting to see if they can find a way to make it. So it's, you know, 100 miles like what what, you know, what your solterra does, and then has a little gas to get you over the hump.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (27m 53s)

It just probably more expensive technology, more complicated than straight up electric, but I think the EPA estimate on the cross track hybrid was 100 100 miles per gallon.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 3s)

Double double check that, but I think it was up there.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 8s)

Oh, my daughter--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 9s)

I'm in the EPA estimates.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 10s)

--are what they are.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 11s)

Like, obviously, that's not accurate.

Tom Anderson (28m 11s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 13s)

But it's pretty close.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 14s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 14s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 15s)

Actually, both of my daughters have hybrid vehicles right now.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 25s)

But my one daughter got a Hyundai Sonata that gets killer miles.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 30s)

That thing, that hybrid is excellent.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 34s)

The other daughter and her husband have--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 38s)

They have Prius, not the brand new.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 40s)

Prius, it just came out, but the one right before it and that was a plug in hybrid, which they don't use the plug in that often.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 46s)

You know, there is a free charging station in town that they can go to, and it's down the street.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 51s)

You got to drive down the street, plug it into it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (28m 53s)

Doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's a it really is a they they both get really good, really good gas mileage in those vehicles.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 2s)

And they can go on long trips.

Tom Anderson (29m 3s)

Yeah, and I think we'll see Subaru do some more hybrids.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 4s)

Oh, yeah.

Tom Anderson (29m 5s)

I mean, I don't have, because I don't think that they would have done the Forester as a hybrid if there weren't more coming. And I know Toyota's big on hybrids, like their CEO in Japan is like, "The EV companies are seeing the reality that straight EV is a problem.

Tom Anderson (29m 21s)

It's difficult." And so I think they're kind of taking that, "Okay, well this kind of hedges our bet until we can really figure out what that's gonna look like five, ten years later."

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 32s)

I hope they remember that when I take my vehicle in and try to get into another car.

Tom Anderson (29m 37s)

Yeah, did, uh, Greg, when you were going to the charging stations, did you run into any that were non-functioning?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 37s)

Maybe I'll quote the CEO.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 49s)

Yeah, you know, my favorite so far is Electrify America.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 54s)

I really like their setup.

Trip Planning & Range Anxiety

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 56s)

Most of them are CCS, but yeah,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (29m 59s)

occasionally you run into some that aren't working,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 2s)

but usually there are charging ports available that are.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 7s)

I haven't like had to wait too long,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 10s)

but I'm timing my trip back, by the way.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 15s)

I was originally planning to go home tomorrow, Sunday,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 18s)

but everybody's gonna be.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 19s)

Going home tomorrow Sunday and I don't want to like risk traffic and then competition for chargers on the way out. So I got to leave today.

Tom Anderson (30m 20s)


Tom Anderson (30m 21s)


Tom Anderson (30m 22s)

And how long, again, I think you mentioned it, but how long have you had this car?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 27s)

I've had it about two months.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 35s)

Yeah, just got it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 36s)

So but I'll report back to you guys.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 38s)

Of course.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 39s)

Oh, yeah.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 39s)

Yeah, definitely be interested in hearing that and you're gonna you said you learned some things coming up from LA that are gonna that are going

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 49s)

drive, you know, what it is.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 51s)

No pun intended drive.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 53s)

What it is that you that you do on your on your way home.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (30m 57s)

So you drove you made a choice to drive the 101 up which is a little longer trip.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 2s)

No matter what anyway, you know, what a 40 minutes longer.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 5s)

Okay, and and what was what was the rationale behind behind driving the 101?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 12s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 13s)

Well, I mean for people who've driven in California, the highway 5 is one of the options North and South.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 19s)

And that's typically that goes through like cow towns and it's very rural in a lot of places mostly flat.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 26s)

Yeah, mostly.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 27s)

Yeah, mostly flat 101 is pretty flat to the my rationale or the rationale behind deciding to go that route was that I wanted to stop in nice places to charge.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 37s)

And yeah, and the 101 gives you more opportunity to do that this time.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 43s)

I'm going to take the five and we'll see but the five includes more Hills like you have the grapevine.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 49s)

Right you get into La.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 50s)

Yeah, so that's going to be an interesting challenge.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 53s)

Yeah, so we'll see and the colder weather to when you get up over the grapevine they get snow.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (31m 58s)

I mean, we're not going to get it today when I drive but it's colder up there.

Tom Anderson (32m 3s)

Yeah. And does Subaru have the, in the infotainment, you can just tap and it'll show you where the charging stations are.

Tom Anderson (32m 8s)

So does it give you like a, or do you have to use an app for that or?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 10s)

Yeah, it's got a cool interface where you just say, "Hey, Subaru,"

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 15s)

and the AI or whatever it is talks to you.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 18s)

And yeah, you can ask it,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 19s)

"Where's the nearest charging station?"

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 22s)

And it will tell you.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 23s)

That's another thing,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 24s)

is that software for planning trips on EVs,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 28s)

you were gonna look at Apple--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 29s)

Yeah, and I should.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 30s)

I haven't, I should have done that before the show.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 32s)

We could have talked about that too, but--

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 33s)

There's a huge need for that though, right?

Tom Anderson (32m 35s)

Mm-hmm Yeah, I think I think that's in maps But I don't know like that it's it but I don't know that it's integrated like to what you were just saying there Greg Where it's like, okay based off of your current Environmentals and the way that you're driving you're gonna need to charge in 42 minutes or whatever it is

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 36s)

Like, software that will help you plan a trip

Jeff & Greg Battersby (32m 40s)

mileage that you're getting. I think it is too. I think you have to. Yeah. Yeah, that would be good because it's kind of a fly and blind, you know, I mean, there's plug share,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 2s)

which I've downloaded, but I can't really figure out how to work that. And like I said,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 7s)

I like Electrify America, so I typically just ask.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 10s)

You know, where's the nearest Electrify America charger and I haven't had too much problem with them in terms of, you know, dispensers being down.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 18s)

Yeah, hey, hey, super is kind of cool.

Tom Anderson (33m 19s)

So it sounds to me, Jeff, like, Hey, Subaru works better than Hey, Siri does.

Tom Anderson (33m 22s)

Good job, Apple.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 25s)

Yeah, well, you know.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 29s)

We've only had what 15 years to work on a Siri or whatever it is, whenever they bought Siri.

Tom Anderson (33m 36s)

They say iOS 18 is bringing big changes, we'll see.

Tom Anderson (33m 40s)

Yeah, yeah, right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 40s)

Ah, that's what I hear. Next, next best thing.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 43s)

Yeah, I'm looking to see, I'm looking in the Maps apps right now to see if there is charging station stuff.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (33m 51s)

And I don't, I'm not seeing anything directly in there other than maybe saying, hey, where's the next charging location?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m)

Yeah, I think it'll do that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 1s)

And I will tell you one thing about even like finding food in Siri or something like that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 6s)

But it often finds something where you have to go up to this.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 10s)

Go up to this exit, hook a U, go back two exits, and there's the nearest in and out burgers.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 18s)

I noticed that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 19s)

I noticed that on my trip up, too.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 20s)

Sometimes I would ask, "Where's the nearest Electrify America charger?"

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 23s)

And it'd be like 10 miles back.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 25s)

Behind you.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 26s)

Yeah, forget it.

Tom Anderson (34m 27s)

Yeah, I did a quick search for charging stations and maps and in my area that it found 25 but Some of them are a little ways away, but in the general vicinity. It looks like I've got I don't know six seven Electrify America is right up the street apparently so

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 47s)

They're in Virginia, their HQ is in Virginia.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 50s)

Actually, a funny story about that,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 52s)

when they just recently hired their newest CEO,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 57s)

a guy named Robert Barossa.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (34m 58s)

And I happened to go to grad school with him.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 1s)

And he, before taking the helm, drove all the way from California to Virginia just using Electrify America chargers.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 10s)

And they filmed it the whole way.

Tom Anderson (35m 12s)

Oh, cool. Yeah, good way to get to know the product.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 13s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 14s)

I'm sure there was some editing.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 15s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 17s)

And I'd say, did it take him 13 hours?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 19s)

Oh, it took him way longer than that.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 21s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 22s)

That'd be-- yeah, that'd be light speed.

Tom Anderson (35m 23s)

That was the first leg.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 26s)

The first leg.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 28s)

Oh, man.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 29s)

Well, Tom, I think we're coming to the end.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 32s)

And Greg, man, thanks so much.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 34s)

Dude, my pleasure.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 35s)

Really appreciate having you on this morning.

Tom Anderson (35m 37s)

Yeah, this was this is fun and I think it's it's it's good information because I think you know people are looking at these as possible options and that Anxiety around the the range the mileage range when you have to charge up as a thing and then that Expectations around it like well, how long is it gonna take to charge and it's gonna take a while. So Yeah, yeah, I have enough anxiety I don't need that 

Jeff & Greg Battersby (35m 59s)

Yeah, range anxiety is very real, yeah They should give you a prescription for Xanax with every electric vehicle Yeah, yeah very cool

Tom Anderson (36m 9s)

Not yet, anyway.

Tom Anderson (36m 16s)

Complimentary 12-month subscription.

Tom Anderson (36m 19s)

Yeah, great.

Tom Anderson (36m 20s)

Pills as a service.

Tom Anderson (36m 21s)

That's just what we need.

Tom Anderson (36m 24s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 26s)

The vehicle dispenses is annexed.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 29s)

At the charging station, here you go, boop.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 32s)

Great, great.

Tom Anderson (36m 33s)


Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 33s)

Pleasure, nice meeting you.

Tom Anderson (36m 33s)

But Greg, seriously, though, thank you so much for coming on.

Tom Anderson (36m 35s)

This was fun.

Tom Anderson (36m 37s)

We appreciate it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 37s)

Thanks, I'll let you know.

Tom Anderson (36m 38s)

You too.

Tom Anderson (36m 38s)

Have a safe trip back, hopefully a little shorter.

Tom Anderson (36m 41s)

All right.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 41s)

Yeah, we'll get a little update.


Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 44s)

So as usual, you can get us at

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 49s)

Our show artwork is by Randall Martin Design.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 54s)

The sound, the music that you hear,

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 57s)

we've added them last week.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (36m 59s)

From Psychokinetics Celsius 7, who is my other brother.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 3s)

So yeah, we're abusing all the batters people, family.

Tom Anderson (37m 7s)

This is, this is easy booking though.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 9s)

Going to get my sister on next for her book.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 11s)

And then we'll have done the whole--

Tom Anderson (37m 14s)

I do.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 15s)

yeah, right, right?

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 16s)

And everybody's interested.

Tom Anderson (37m 20s)


Tom Anderson (37m 20s)

Tom Anderson (37m 22s)

Go there, you'll just hit the subscribe button.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 26s)

I'm totally off Twitter.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 27s)

You can find me at @ReyesPoint on threads.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 30s)

I'm actually finding that I like threads.

Tom Anderson (37m 32s)

Yeah, it's not bad But don't worry just as soon as you really get into it Jeff They'll start throwing in the ads and all the stupid stuff that we hate on Facebook and Instagram. So

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 32s)

I'm ashamed to say that I'm interested in a Facebook project.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 37s)

Of course they will.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 41s)

It'll be safe.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 42s)

And at that point in time, I'll drop everything else.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 44s)

But I have kicked Twitter.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 46s)

Yes, Mr. Musk, other electric car guy.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 49s)

I refuse to call it that other name that you've given it.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 54s)

Anyway, that's because I'm just.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 56s)

The jerk, Tom, it's good to see you, man.

Tom Anderson (37m 58s)

You too, as always, Greg, thanks again.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (37m 58s)


Tom Anderson (38m 2s)

All right.

Tom Anderson (38m 4s)

And yeah, you as well.

Tom Anderson (38m 5s)

And again, safe travels.

Tom Anderson (38m 7s)

And for everyone listening, thanks again for being here.

Tom Anderson (38m 9s)

We do greatly appreciate it.

Tom Anderson (38m 10s)

Tell your friends, share, like, comment, review, whatever it is.

Tom Anderson (38m 13s)

We do appreciate you helping spread the word.

Tom Anderson (38m 15s)

Hope you have a great rest of your day or rest of your night.

Jeff & Greg Battersby (38m 19s)

See ya.

Outro Music (38m 31s)

♪ I gon' smash my whole world ♪

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