Picture Books Are for Grown-Ups Too!

S1E8 | Michelle Nott and 'Teddy, Let’s Go'

March 04, 2023 Patrice Gopo Season 1 Episode 8
Picture Books Are for Grown-Ups Too!
S1E8 | Michelle Nott and 'Teddy, Let’s Go'
Show Notes

Listen in as Michelle talks about love and trust, the emergence of stories, and the ways thinking about first moments can connect with others.

“Just by pure design, a picture book is for all ages, for all generations.” –Michelle Nott

Today’s Picture Book: Teddy, Let’s Go by Michelle Nott and illustrated by Nahid Kazemi

Michelle Nott is a bilingual, dual-nationality author who finds inspiration in her family, her travels, and particularly in American and French literature, culture, and art. Born in the United States, Michelle has also lived in France and in Belgium. Michelle taught French (pre-K, elementary, high school, and college) and Creative Writing (high school) before focusing her attention on writing for children. She finds crafting picture books an ideal way to combine her love and respect for children, language, and fine art. She strives to share this passion with readers of all ages. Teddy Let’s Go! is Michelle’s third book for children and her debut picture book. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters, and their rescue dog.

 Book Description: “Teddy and My are made for each other—literally in the case of Teddy, a teddy bear lovingly stitched and stuffed by Grandma for the newborn baby. From eating mushy vegetables to playing with blocks, Teddy is there every step of the way as My grows older. Even as the little girl goes to school and makes new friends, she can always count on Teddy for playtime, comfort, and friendship. As she leaves early childhood behind, My comes to rely on Teddy less and less. But Teddy still has an important role to play in My’s life.” (from the publisher’s website)

Please consider supporting your local independent booksellers by purchasing Teddy, Let’s Go! Find a store here: https://www.indiebound.org/


Other mentions in this episode:

Tucson Festival of Books: https://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org/


Michelle’s questions for further engagement based on the discussion:

1.     What or who brought you comfort as a child and through your growing up years? And how was that feeling of security offered? And if you can’t identify anything or anyone then ask yourself what or who would have been helpful? Then turn that around and ask yourself who do you want to be for others and how can you offer that to someone else?

2.     Can you imagine what might be happening in another person's life?

Find Michelle: 

Website: https://www.authormichellenott.com/

Twitter: @MimiLRN

Instagram: @michnott

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Michelles-Kid-Lit-Bookshelf/100063646329893/

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