Secret Son

#8 - She Went To A Land Down Under

February 11, 2023 Season 1 Episode 8
Secret Son
#8 - She Went To A Land Down Under
Show Notes

Oi mate, how you going? 

Join us for episode 8 as I chat with West Coast gal Vicky Graham in her new home in Oz.  

We investigate the Usual Suspects - romcom-ish reunions, local marsupials and surviving the Land of Misfit Toys. 

_________________________________________________ ____________________________________ “Mom and Dad adopted me when I was eight months old.  

Before then, I lived in the Crippled Children’s Home with the other unwanted babies, our own Island of Misfit Toys. But I was lucky, I got out. 

I would’ve never searched for her -  the woman who threw me away. In reunion, it took decades to untangle how I really felt.” - Vicky Graham, Adoptee   

Barbara Bazett and Vicky Graham, a mother and daughter in reunion for nearly 30 years, share their healing journey to inspire and help others on their own podcast, Strong(er) in the Broken Places. 

“What’s our secret? We were both too stubborn to give up.” - Barbara Bazett, Birth Mother. 

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