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How to Strengthen the Anesthesia and ASC Relationship w/ Greg Collins DNP CRNA
Episode Artwork How to Strengthen the Anesthesia and ASC Relationship w/ Greg Collins DNP CRNA 37:47 Episode Artwork ASC Finance Insights, Managing Costs w/ Rena Courtay 38:10 Episode Artwork Ways To Promote Mental Health At Your ASC and Why It Mattersw/ Dr. Joy Himmel 39:01 Episode Artwork Pro Tips for HR Laws, Policies, and Procedures at your Surgery Center w/Casey Duhart JD 47:47 Episode Artwork Building a Culture of Excellence w/ Todd Currier CPA CASC CMPE 21:50 Episode Artwork How to Win With a Lean, Mean, and Paperless ASC w/ Nyleen Flores CPMSM, CPCS, CPCO 38:50 Episode Artwork Anesthesiologist Shortages, Cardiology Procedures, and Reimbursement in the ASC w/ Bruce Feldman MS CPPM 29:35 Episode Artwork Creating the Next Generation of Auto-Injectors w/ Jessica Walsh 42:57 Episode Artwork ASC Growth in 2024, Overcoming Headwinds 14:05 Episode Artwork Improving the Business Intelligence of Physicians w/ David Norris MD MBA 55:13 Episode Artwork Overcoming Staffing Challenges to Improve Morale and Efficiency w/ Beth LaChance 27:08 Episode Artwork Technology and Value Based Care in Cardiology w/ Daniel Blumenthal MD MBA 45:00 Episode Artwork Fostering Patient Trust via Price Transparency w/ Christie Callahan 36:02 Episode Artwork LLM Diagnostic Accuracy, State of ASC Labor Costs 12:38 Episode Artwork Effective Patient Engagement Strategies w/ Lisa Blue 43:47 Episode Artwork What ASCs Are Worried About As 2023 Ends 20:34 Episode Artwork Macro Pressures Impacting the ASC Landscape w/ David Howerton 43:35 Episode Artwork How to Turn Conflict Into Opportunity and Get Back to Medicine! w/ Amanda Brisebois MD 49:34 Episode Artwork Patient Access, Consumerization of Healthcare w/ Oakkar Oakkar 47:30 Episode Artwork Getting Tech in Your ASC, Why Data is King with Katie Pierson DNP, RN, ONC, CASC 30:30 Episode Artwork "Is ChatGPT Smarter Than a PCP?" 18:18 Episode Artwork Healthcare's "Top Deck of the Titanic Moment" 34:22 Episode Artwork YOY Anesthesiology Pay and Analyzing Demand 12:22 Episode Artwork One Organization’s 3 Step Plan to Reduce Physician Burnout 9:32 Episode Artwork 2023 Healthcare Provider IT Report 22:03