Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence: Sarah Wyllie on #EmbracingEquity for IWD

March 09, 2023 People 2U: Labour Hire and Recruitment Season 1 Episode 3
Hire with Confidence
Hire with Confidence: Sarah Wyllie on #EmbracingEquity for IWD
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I first met Sarah Wyllie back in 2019 at the mighty Richmond Football Club and with her vast life experiences across the sports and health care industries, plus raising two beautiful children, I thought Sarah was the ideal person to speak about the theme of embracing equity as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

In a selfless career where Sarah's self declared purpose has been to help others, she has worked as Richmond Women's Player Development Manager for the last 5 years helping to empower many athletes off the field to make them feel their best on the field. Sarah was able to relate through her own elite sporting experience as an Australian and Victorian gymnast, while also drawing on over two decades of experience in the health care industry across roles as a Registered Nurse (11 years), Paramedic (12 years) and First Aid Educator (7 years).

Strap yourselves in for an energetic podcast where Sarah bravely talks about the positive changes in her industries, but also the gaps which still remain.

To watch the ANZ Equal Future Money Video, click here: https://youtu.be/KRvXj9_6NpY

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Episode Introduction
Acknowledgement of Country
Meet Sarah Wyllie
How Sarah Wyllie landed her dream job at Richmond Football Club
Career to date as a nurse, paramedic and Player Development Manager
Stepping back in time in Scotland
Full circle
Life lessons from Europe and Africa
Equity as defined by Sarah Wyllie
ANZ Equal Future Pocket Money ad
Has Sarah seen real improvements in equity?
Start the Conversation around the Gender Pay Gap
Behind the Scenes of Ninja Warrior
Off the Grid in Indo
Sarah's Hopes for her Children's Futures
Furphy and AFLW
Future Predictions for Women in the Workforce
Is that really your Coffee Order?
Wrap Up