Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence: Aus F1 Board Member John O'Rourke (PART 1)

March 30, 2023 People 2U: Labour Hire and Recruitment Season 1 Episode 4
Hire with Confidence
Hire with Confidence: Aus F1 Board Member John O'Rourke (PART 1)
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In the first of two parts, we speak to Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) Director John O'Rourke to take a behind the scenes look at this weekend's F1 event.

John explains the impact the event has on our economy through a labour hire lens in terms of the jobs it produces and the businesses it involves. He also touches on the rise in their female audience and how Netflix's Drive to Survive documentary series has driven a never before seen appetite for the sport.

As the Founder and Chairman at Plenary Group, about to celebrate 20 years in business, John takes us back to how it all started and what he has been able to learn from Plenary which is now helping the AGPC. John's deep knowledge of the infrastructure landscape in Australia and across the globe makes for a fascinating listen.  He provides tips for small and big businesses on how to position themselves for work on upcoming projects.

In part two (dropping soon), we look into the fabric of the Richmond Football Club and what is was like to be part of the organisational change at Tigerland before three premiership became a reality and what John's immediate priorities are as the new President.

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Episode Introduction
Acknowledgement of Country
Ben Tuckers Joins the Show
The Importance of The Australian Grand Prix to our Economy
Heading for a new World Record Attendance
How Many Jobs does this event Create?
What Planning Goes into a Global Event
John's Grand Prix Schedule
Winning Predictions
Oscar Piastri
History of Global Infrastructure Company Plenary
Expanding Plenary into Canadian and US Markets
Owning a Startup Mindset
High Capacity Metro Trains
Australia's Infrastructure Future
Melbourne's Future Boom
How Businesses Capitalise on the Boom
Are we ready for all these Jobs?
Plenary X Australian Grand Prix
Wrap Up