Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence: Richmond Tigers President John O'Rourke (PART 2)

April 18, 2023 People 2U: Labour Hire and Recruitment Season 1 Episode 5
Hire with Confidence
Hire with Confidence: Richmond Tigers President John O'Rourke (PART 2)
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In part two of our chat with John O'Rourke we speak to him about his new role as President of the mighty Richmond Football Club.

We delve into what it's like having the daunting task of following in Peggy O'Neal's footsteps, what really went on behind the scenes during that disastrous 2016 men's AFL season and what his immediate priorities for the club moving forward are.

Plus, for those keen to hear more about what happens inside the four walls at Tigerland, we describe what the fabric of the Richmond Football Club is like.

This episode is a MUST LISTEN!

To listen to part one where John provides insight as an Australian Grand Prix Corporation board member on the impact the recent international event has for our  economy, plus how he grew Plenary to becoming an international business, click here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2091763/12546796

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Episode Introduction
Acknowledgement of Country
John's favourite Richmond AFLW player
The McClelland Club Trophy Announcement
Following in Peggy O'Neal's Footsteps
John's First Richmond Tigers Memory
Listening to the 1969 Premiership on Radio
Personal Football Career
Richmond and the O'Rourke Family
Priorities for the New President
The Punt Road Oval Redevelopment Challenge
Organisational Transformation in 2016
The Club's Fabric
Tigers in Property and Robbie Tarrant
The World's Most Asked Question about Brendon Gale
Work Life Balance
John's Coffee Order