Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence: Zali Mifsud from Mifsud Consulting on Indigenous Affairs and Employment in Australia

May 25, 2023 People 2U: Labour Hire and Recruitment Season 1 Episode 6
Hire with Confidence
Hire with Confidence: Zali Mifsud from Mifsud Consulting on Indigenous Affairs and Employment in Australia
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In this compelling episode, we sit down with Zali Mifsud from Mifsud Consulting who  produces a thought provoking episode. Please note, this is a longer episode than usual because we believe this is such an important topic for all Australians so we decided to produce a longer than normal episode which captures this amazing discussion in full.

Our chat as an Australian labour hire company with one of the country's most prominent Indigenous affairs consulting businesses is a fascinating conversation which benefits employers looking to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce as well as employees wanting to discover more about indigenous perspectives in the workplace. People 2U believes that by exploring and understanding indigenous affairs, we can collectively build a better future of work that embraces cultural diversity and empowers Indigenous Australians.

With her deep knowledge and personal passion for Indigenous affairs and helping business understand their opportunities in this space, Zali provides various real life examples and tangible solutions which employers and employees can implement immediately.

Some of the questions answered by Zali included:

  • What should the everyday Australian know about Indigenous Australians? 
  • What is a first nations person looking for in a job?
  • How can an employee best care for Indigenous peers?

This is an episode you do not want to miss.

The various resources mentioned by Zali for further learning can be seen in the list below:

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Episode Introduction
Acknowledgement of Country
The Importance of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum
AFL Clubs Supporting The Voice to Parliament
Educational Resources to Learn More
The Inspiration Behind Mifsud Consulting
Zali's Personal 'Moment' as an Aboriginal Woman
The Biggest Opportunity in Australia's Indigenous Affairs
What should the everyday Australian know about the first nations Australian?
How a Business Can Support a First Nations Employee
Cultural Safety Within the Workplace
Can Companies Ask 'Are You of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Origin' in their onboarding?
Review Your Recruitment Processes
Business Success Stories - Officeworks
How to Best Care for an Indigenous Peer in Your Workplace
The Birrarung / The Yarra River - A Significant Indigenous Site
The ONE Takeaway from this Episode
Wrap Up