Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence: Elisabeth Quinn Culture and Leadership in High Performing Teams

July 25, 2023 People 2U: Labour Hire and Recruitment Season 1 Episode 7
Hire with Confidence
Hire with Confidence: Elisabeth Quinn Culture and Leadership in High Performing Teams
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Welcome to another compelling episode of Hire with Confidence, where we delve into culture and leadership within high-performing teams. In this episode, we have the privilege of being joined by Lieutenant Commander Elisabeth Quinn, RAN - a true expert in the field.

With over 20 years of lived experience in the Australian Navy and an illustrious background working with elite football programs, including currently holding the role of Culture and Leadership Coach for Richmond Tiger's AFLW program, 'Quinny' brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table.

Join us as we uncover the key elements that contribute to successful corporate cultures and effective leadership strategies. Elisabeth's expertise, honed through her extensive naval career and her role as the founder of Clutch. Leadership, promises to provide invaluable takeaways for all.

If you're seeking to enhance your team's performance, inspire effective leadership, and create a workplace culture that breeds success, look no further. Tune in now and gain powerful insights from an accomplished naval officer and a leader in the world of culture and leadership coaching.

To learn more about Clutch. Leadership, head to: clutchleadership.com

To reach out to Elisabeth directly, see her LinkedIn page here: linkedin.com/in/liz-quinn-6350761b5

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Episode Introduction
Acknowledgement of Country
The Real Reason Young Elisabeth Quinn Joined the Australian Navy Over 20 Years Go
Attributes of A GREAT Company Culture
How to Get Comfortable with Failure as a Company
The 3 Principles for Building High Performing Teams
How to Mange Conflict in Teams and Turn Them into Opportunities for Growth and Learning
Lead with Compassion During Conflict
Why Clutch. Leadership Exists
'Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast,' is that Actually True?
Self Awareness Is a Must for the Modern Leader
360° Feedback
The Most Influential Leader at Richmond Football Club in Quinny's Eyes
Practical Tips to Identify and Nurture Leadership Potential at Your Company
Practical Tips for Individuals Aspiring Towards a Leadership Role
Quinny's Coffee Order
Get in Touch with Elisabeth Quinn
Wrap Up