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Episode 149 -- Chellie Phillips -- Control Your Own Narrative

February 03, 2023 Stacked Keys Podcast Season 3 Episode 149
Stacked Keys Podcast
Episode 149 -- Chellie Phillips -- Control Your Own Narrative
Show Notes

It’s always interesting to talk with ladies as they reflect on who they are and how others see them. Always a communicator and one who finds her love of people and their stories is what immediately comes to mind to introduce this guest. She has the talent to zero in on the positives of focusing on the passion of people and on how they want to tell their stories in creating their own brands. She likes to think of herself as a collector of stories. 
Meet Chellie Phillips. She is a communicator and writer. Currently she’s authored three books … the first is a self help motivational book with a personal reflection on various aspects of life, the second book is about helping people with careers get where they envision that they want to be in a career… and the third will be out this year and focuses on building a human centered culture, in the workplace—that we put people first. 
Chellie is involved in personal coaching where she helps people create their own brands and learn how to talk about themselves in a way that they can actually highlight the parts that they want people to know. We talk about story telling and journalism. 
You’ll hear her refer to “her tribe” several times because she can’t imagine where she’d be without those very important people surrounding her. Chellie says, “I am incredibly blessed with the people that have been in my life, the ones that have encouraged me to take some chances to step out of there. Maybe, you know, they may have been thinking in their mind. Oh, she's lost her mind. She's crazy. But let's let her try and see what's going to happen.” 
We talk about growing forward and what it takes to get to your goals and methods to put in place. As a female, she has learned how to come across as knowledgable and present that she has something of value to add. We discuss what women can bring to the table and making the most of the opportunities that are put in front of each one of us every single day. Chellie comes back in her work roles to put women in places as she has a chance. She encourages that we take the time to grow each other and to celebrate each other. 
In this episode we talk all about coaching, life’s hard knocks and being prepared to relay your story and protect your boundaries. We talk about her circle of people and the idea that she took on a 1/2 marathon and had to set goals and how to accomplish something way out of her comfort zone. She makes you laugh, think about your own set of circumstances and offers a challenge.

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Some topic highlights include questions like these--
What did you think of yourself as a kid?  
The importance of telling your own story.
The most uncomfortable part of personal branding. 
The importance of having a tribe. 
Taking time to enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments.
Were you an organized kid? 
How to communicate your needs. 
Protecting your boundaries. 
How did you know you’re ready to leave? 
What does it mean to grow great? 
The impact of having a great mentor. 
Coaching is listening and empowering women. 
Beating the impossible by beating the impossible. 
You got this, you can do this. 
What she’s most proud of. 
When in doubt delete it. 
How to get noticed and get hired. 
Building a value culture in the workplace. 
The power of human-centered culture.  
Advice for people who are considering a career change. 

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