Rockstar Mentor Show | Be an entrepreneur with your art business | Marketing brand strategies and interviews with Sonya Paz

Ep. 116: Preparing for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday

November 20, 2018 Sonya Paz Episode 116
Rockstar Mentor Show | Be an entrepreneur with your art business | Marketing brand strategies and interviews with Sonya Paz
Ep. 116: Preparing for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday
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Episode 116: Preparing for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday

As we are embarking on Thanksgiving day I want to extend prayers and  sympathies to all of the folks in the recent California fires who have lost homes, businesses, family members, friends and more.

I feel thankful for my health my family and friends and encourage you to be appreciative of what you have and to extend your better self to assist others in hard times. 

Today’s episode I will focus on how you prepare yourself for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These are hectic times that we’re living in right now, the month of November has passed us by and it’s almost finished so remember to breathe, wear comfortable shoes and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll with your business!

Are you starting to feel the hustle and bustle from this upcoming holiday season and you're freaking out just a little bit. We'll don't worry. We're all freaking out right now because November has crept in and is almost over today on the rock star mentor podcast. Going to be talking about some announcements and just a little pep talk on how to survive this Thanksgiving Day, weekend, black Friday, small business Saturday and upcoming cyber Monday. So let's do this. 

We have been very busy here at the studio with my production of my 2018 Limited Edition Holiday ornament that I create and produce only 175 reach year. This years ornament focuses on “Peace on Earth” heart design and is a really beautiful whimsical heart, my hand lettering and encouraging words within the ornament. To view this year‘s ornament, please view them on my website:
Sonya Paz 2018 Limited Edition Ornament

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Speaker 1:

Are you starting to feel the hustle and bustle from this upcoming holiday season and you're freaking out just a little bit. Well don't worry. We're all freaking out right now because November has crept in and is almost over today on the RockStar MentorPodcast. I'll be talking about some announcements and just a little pep talk on how to survive this Thanksgiving Day, weekend, black Friday, small business Saturday and upcoming Cyber Monday. So let's do this!

Speaker 2:

Welcome to the RockStar Mentor podcast, the podcast to inspire you and bring you the kickstart you need to crush it in. The art industry will bring you creative insights, inspiring interviews and valuable resources and art marketing along with decades of experience to provide you the strategic approach to unleash your creative talents at a rock your inner entrepreneur. Now you're creatively energetic. Host Sonya Paz

Speaker 1:

Greetings friends and listeners. Sonya Paz here with the Rockstar Mentor podcast and today I'm going to talk and give you a little pep talk on how to survive this upcoming crazy weekend. But first, before we get started, I want to an extend a huge hugs and prayers and well wishes and sympathy for so many people here in the northern California area who have lost homes and businesses, family members and pets and friends and this is just a real hard time for everyone. I know that in our immediate area here and the Central Valley and right in the San Jose area and beyond, there's been such a huge haze of smoke and so many people are affected and it's just a real hard time for so many people. I didn't have the podcast last week because I was dealing with an allergic reaction to some of the air quality, but the main factor is is that this is a terrible thing that is happening. If you're able to help out with either volunteering. If you're in this area or if you're out of the area, please connect with some of your favorite local charities that can help by either donating supplies, maybe your time, gift cards, food, clothing and all that type of thing. I know many people use local resources like the Red Cross, but there's so many fire stations and all these type of places locally. They're taking donations. So if you would consider donating to help out in any capacity that you can, it would be greatly appreciated and again, so much prayers and sympathy toward all of the people who have encountered this awful loss. So today is November 21st and you are listening in because you want to get a little bit of reinforcement on what to do and how to prepare the best way for this crazy Thanksgiving Day holiday. We are just a couple of days before the big day and that means that fast and furious comes black Friday, followed by small business Saturday and then quickly followed by cyber Monday. So the next several days are going to be hot and heavy, frantic and crazy for so many artists, so many small business and of course so many big business. Now, if you've been doing your homework, then you know that you should have been preparing for this weekend for at least the last couple of months and getting your p's and q's and order, getting your social media ramped up, getting your website facilitated, getting yourself new products, getting your packaging done, getting your shipping ready, just getting all the facets needed to start building your business. Now I know a lot of people do shows on this weekend and so many rely on online sales, which is great anyway that you can sell your product is amazing. Now we have been busy bees here at the Sonya pads studio with producing our annual ornament that I do every year. It is a sign in numbered ornament. We started doing this in 2005 or six and I am so excited that we're in our twelfth year of putting together this ornament for you. We have so many people who do order these on a yearly basis and I want to give a big shout out to them, Hey, because these folks who keep me in task and keep me going to be able to create something memorable so that they can close out that year into something fun and positive. All of my artwork is fun. It's colorful, it's creative, and actually I'll let you in on a little secret. Every single year I've done this, I've created a painting and we have transformed it into the actual ornament. We've digitized, take an image and put it into digital format so that we can implement it onto our by way of the print process. But this year I decided to try something different, so I created our ornament digitally. I did it in from my ipad with pencil and created a really interesting illustration. It's called peace on earth. It's not the typical Palette that I use with all of my colors in it. It is a pretty much black, white and red, but it is a stunning artwork and I'm really happy with it. I'm real proud of it. It's called peace on earth. It's my own lettering that I do in a heart with some stripes and some inspirational words that encompass the black and white areas of the ornament. If you want to check that out, go to Sonia [inaudible] dot com and you should see that on the main page. Aside from all that, I've been busy with mentoring other folks like yourself. We've been busy here with getting so many online orders ready to be shipped out and produced and jewelry. It's been hurting Nettie, but hey, I've got like I always tell you I got my seatbelt on and I'm going to prepare for this crazy ride because that is just the way it rolls. This is how we do it in the gift and business industry and for those of you creating your art in whatever products that you're doing, I hope that you are enjoying yourself and not driving yourself too crazy. Like I've been over the last several days, but it's been. It's, it's all good and I'm very thankful that I have all of my customers and I have folks like you who rely on me and rely on the services that I can provide you to make you successful in your business. For those of you getting ready for black Friday, just remember to breathe. Take it from me. I tend to hold my breath a lot, but be sure to breathe, make sure that you take it and you can work at and you can be successful at it. For those of you doing small business Saturday, which typically falls into the retail markets they do online as well, but if you're. But if you have a retail store and you're preparing to have a crazy busy weekend, just remember, wear comfy shoes, hydrate often. Eat Bananas, eat, breathe, and smile. There's nothing worse than having to go into a retailer on a fun weekend of shopping to find a cranky retailer and that's not good. So remember to smile, be courteous, be thankful for all of the business that you get this next few days. And um, and when you can breathe a little bit, take Sunday off and then prepare for your cyber Monday. So this is my words of wisdom to you. I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving Day weekend and I hope that you have a good time with family and friends. This is definitely a time to be truly thankful by way of either donating time or donating services are donating whatever you can to some of the local charities that can help out with those who are unfortunate, that have lost homes or have lost family just to reach out and give so much of your better self to somebody who has gone through this terrible time. This is a wrap today, everyone. I hope you have a great next few days. I hope he has have successful sales and wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and all the best. That's it. Have a great week everyone. Take care. Thank you so much for tuning into the Rockstar Mentor podcast today. 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