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Lori Massicot: How Menopause Led Me to Sobriety

April 18, 2023 Noelle Van Episode 3
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Lori Massicot: How Menopause Led Me to Sobriety
Show Notes

Menopause can make us feel like a stranger in our own bodies and brings unanticipated shifts in our sleep, mood, health, and general outlook on life in so many ways. Since menopause comes about in our late forties, or early fifties, it can show up at a time when we are already gaining a different perspective on our health and the changes we want to create for our future.  This week on Go Go Bistro, my guest Lori Massicot and I are talking about how menopause led her to sobriety. 

Today’s guest Lori Massicot is The Midlife Sobriety Coach who is on a mission to raise awareness towards the life-changing impact of sobriety as we age. Lori is a Certified Life, Recovery, and Nutrition Coach specializing in helping women in midlife feel better inside and out without relying on alcohol to get them there. Lori hosts the highly popular To 50 and Beyond podcast, where she and her guests highlight the beauty of aging and the freedom of living alcohol-free. 

In this episode, Lori and I discuss:

  • The lack of information that women receive about menopause and perimenopause.
  • How menopause became the catalyst for Lori’s sober journey. 
  • Changing the narrative and removing the stereotypes around sobriety. 
  • Common fears midlife women have around change and sobriety. 
  • Advice for anyone listening who is considering getting sober. 

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